It is hard to feel bad about your body if you are training and eating in a way that makes you feel great about it. Get monthly workouts and nutritional guidance specifically for you and your goals and accountability to help you stay on track!


How it works:



I start with an online or phone consultation so we can discuss your goals, injury history, time constraints, and what equipment you have access too.



I will create a personally tailored training program based on our discussion and create a 12 week program whether you are working out at home or at the gym. This is not some one size fits all program that everyone else gets, this is unique to you.

We will check in together each week to discuss how that week went, make small changes (if needed) to keep you progressing in the right direction.



Nutritional Guidelines

I will provide easy to follow, simple nutritional guidelines designed to teach you how to NOT be dependent on meals plans, have trust in your choices any time, any place, how to build nutrient dense foods into your lifestyle and how to actually like the way you eat.

We will focus on creating healthy habits that are lasting, not some fleeting quick fix.


What you get

In the beginning I require a 3 month commitment because I believe that it will take time to start seeing results (getting leaner, stronger, more confident, feeling better). You can then choose to renew month to month.

Each persons journey is different and this is a unique experience to help find a lifestyle plan that works specifically for you.

 For more information contact  me (Adele) at: with “online training inquiry” in the subject line with a little bit about yourself and what you goal is and we can decide together if it is a good fit.


Paypal will deduct $150 a month  from your account for 3 months and then cancel automatically.

Read below and by clicking subscribe and completing payment you confirm that you agree to the following.


Congratulations on your decision to participate in an exercise and coaching program!

With the help of your personal trainer, you greatly improve your ability to accomplish your training goals faster, safer, and with maximum benefits. The details of this training/coaching experience can be used for a lifetime.

In order to maximize progress, it will be necessary for you to follow program guidelines during supervised (if applicable) and unsupervised training days. Remember, exercise and healthy eating are EQUALLY important!

During your exercise program, every effort will be made to assure your safety. However, as with any exercise program, there are risks, including increased heart stress and the chance of musculoskeletal injuries. In volunteering for this program, you agree to assume responsibility for these risks and waive any possibility for personal damage.

You also agree that, to your knowledge, you have no limiting physical conditions or disability
that would preclude an exercise program.

By participating in this program you accept full responsibility for your own health and well-being AND you acknowledge an understanding that no responsibility is assumed by the leaders of the program.

It is recommended that all program participants exercise three (3) times per week and due to the nature of online training these workouts will be unsupervised.

No refunds are granted once payment is submitted as your commitment is vital in your success.


DISCLAIMER:  I am not doctor or registered dietician. The information provided on this site is based on my own experiences, and should NOT be taken as medical advice.  Prior to starting any new exercise or nutrition program consult with your physician or other healthcare professional to determine if it is right for your needs and you are healthy enough to participate. By following this program you are taking full responsibility for any injury, muscle, ligament or tendon strains, even up to the possibility of death. By following the guidelines given in this program you, as the participant, assume all risk and liability and will not hold any designer, affiliate or party responsible for medical issues, physical or mental, if any. Use at your own risk.

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