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The simple solution to your best body.


Hey there, it’s Adele! I just wanted to drop you a line about why I created this program.

One thing I hear over and over from women who are not getting the results is they are they have a hard time sticking to a routine and staying consistent. They feel intimidated stepping into a weight room or are just unsure of what to do and usually resort to doing cardio.

Many also they they feel if they can’t get an hour in, they might as well do nothing. But let me let you in on a little super simple secret.

Committing to less can actually help you do more.

No matter how dedicated you feel in the beginning, if you try to do more than your body or schedule can handle, you will inevitably fall off the wagon.

When it comes down to it, I know you just want to look and feel your best and not let time or energy get in the way. I get it.

The key is sticking to a plan long enough to get the results you are seeking and if you ready to buckle down and learn how to exercise for the next 10 weeks and beyond,  Super Simple Supersets is for you!


 Why Supersets (and what the heck are they?)

Super Simple Supersets (SSS) is a full body, weight training program that slowly progresses in challenge and intensity each week for 10 weeks, set up in super set fashion, alternating between two exercises in all kinds of fun new ways!  Why supersets?

  • You get more work done in less time by taking an active rest.
  • It will progress you from working opposing muscles group to the same muscle groups, providing more challenge and better results.
  • The simplicity mindset: It keeps you focused mentally (two exercises at a time).
  • You will have enough rest to come back stronger.
  • It is high in challenge but moderate in intensity.
  • Core and glute exercises are seamlessly blended into the program (in superset fashion of course) to keep the foundation of your body strong.  Everything you need, all in one program.

 Program Currently Closed


Your guide to a simple, legit, weight training program with a blendof Pilates and heart rate boosters to get you the best results in less time. (1)

The guide is an instant download (and yours to keep). It also includes your very own Super Simple Nutrition Companion, designed to keep food choices and eating as simple as your workouts.

Who is this program for?

  • Someone who wants to be challenged at their own pace, with a simple program that doesn’t require hours in the gym, and gives lasting results. Beginner and intermediate appropriate.
  • Someone who is dedicated and ready to stick to a consistent training program to get stronger, leaner, lose fat, and get in better shape without the stress and complication.
  • Someone who wants an easy to follow gym program in terms of exercise selection and set up. No scrambling around for odd equipment or trying to save gym equipment.
  • Someone who wants to include regular CORE training as part of their program and learn how to shorten their cardio sessions.
  • Some who wants a simple program laid out for them so they can spend less time thinking about what to do, and more time doing it.

Who this is NOT for?

  • Someone who wants to spend hours in the gym.
  • Someone who wants a workout with kettle bells, olympic lifts, or a hard core CrossFit style workout.
  • Someone who wants extensive cardio guidelines.
  • Someone who wants a quick fix.

What is included in this program?

  • 10 Week Gym Program.
  • Video links to show you how to perform each exercise.
  • SSS User Manual to guide you through each week of the program.
  • Guidelines for when and how to pedobearpics weight
  • A Workout schedule guide.
  • The Super Simple Nutrition companion.


What people are saying about working with Adele at The Fit Life.


Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 8.06.01 PM

“I throughly enjoyed Adele’s help and caring spirit throughout the program, as she is so passionate about what she does. The strength training workouts she assigned were challenging but didn’t run me into the ground. I actually looked forward to them.” C. Jordan

“Previously I had always focused on trying to get in a run or a class at the gym. The workouts were tough for me, my heart rate was up, and I was sweating, but they were doable.  Working with Adele was truly a worthwhile and valuable experience for me and I would encourage others to participate.” A. Peterson

Any questions about this program or any issues you may encounter when getting started can be directed to me at!

Program Currently Closed.

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