It’s a lifestyle!!

“I had been going at my own pace for years without success. Without Adele’s encouragement, knowledge, and positive energy, I would still be stuck at a place with an unhealthier mind and body.”

“Working with Adele has been transformational. Her workouts, messages and coaching provided me exactly the right level of encouragement and the motivation to work harder I was surprised to get such a significant impact from a remote online program. I appreciate Adele’s knowledge, positivity and expertise. I highly recommend this program.” A. Peterson

“I throughly enjoyed Adele’s help and caring spirit throughout the program, as she is so passionate about what she does. The strength training workouts she assigned were challenging but didn’t run me into the ground. I actually looked forward to them.” C. Jordan

“After my daughter was born, my body felt completely foreign to me. Between infertility, eventual pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and caring for a new baby, I felt so weak and depleted. When my daughter was 14 months old, I decided to do something to really start caring for myself. I discovered Adele through Instagram and felt immediately drawn to her positive energy and real advice as a new mom herself. I began training with Adele almost 6 months ago and have never felt stronger in my life. Adele has taught me so many things, from exercises, to nutrition, to (most importantly) how to be consistent in my workouts. I would recommend Adele to anyone, especially new moms looking to feel good about themselves and their bodies because after everything it takes to be a mom, we all deserve at least that much. :)” Mom of one.

“Adele truly understood my schedule of being a full time working mom of two. The workouts she provided were exactly what I needed to take care of myself, but I felt like I was not taking time away from my kids. She held me accountable and gave me great suggestions about my eating. She seriously was so understanding of where I am in life!” L. Talbot

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