momME fit coaching club

Be the healthiest version of you. Feel powerful in your body. Have more energy. Be strong. Break free from survival mode. Appreciate your body. Love this life.

Contrary to popular belief - we can have it all as moms.

momME Fit Coaching Club

This exclusive monthly fitness group is for moms just like you who want to be healthy, strong, and in great shape but are also tired, busy, and overwhelmed.

 As a mom I know you want to take better care of yourself and just feel good in your body but I totally get that exercise and self care becomes harder as a parent.

 It is too easy to become disconnected from yourself when exercise, health, and self care fall lower on the priority list. You forget what it feels like to be confident and powerful in your own body. It is important to take care of yourself, not just to take care of other, but because you deserve to feel good and put yourself first every once in awhile. 

Put the ME back in mommy and join the momME Fit Coaching Club!


About Adele:

Hi – Adele here. I’m a personal trainer, pilates instructor and have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years. I am also a busy mom just like you.

I come from an athletic background so my philosophy was always more is better. More time, more intensity, stricter eating. What I have learned  is that these concepts, while popular advice, are not sustainable and are a huge mental energy. And as moms, we don’t have time (or energy) for all that!

I want to show you a new way. I will teach you healthy, sustainable habits that don’t suck the energy or motivation out of you. I will be right by your side helping you feel your best and look your best a mom. I want you to be able to have more energy to put into things that you fulfill you so you can enjoy your life. The most important part.

Get stronger. Lose weight/fat if that is your goal. Gain energy & confidence. Set the example for your kids. Be a better participant in your own life because you will have a strong healthy body that supports you.

The momME Fit Program includes:

  • New weight workouts each month (all your need are dumbbells each month) that you can do at home or the gym.
  • Bonus cardio, core, abs, booty workouts delivered throughout.
  • Eating strategies so we can stay consistent, *actually* enjoy the way we eat, eat without guilt and feel good about the choices we are making on a regular basis. Recipe and meal prep ideas too.
  • Accountability, support, and love from myself and other moms so we together can tackle, not just fitness and health issues as they come up, but also issues we face as moms on a daily basis.
  • Monthly challenges to keep you motivated and have fun.

 It is hard to feel bad about a body you are taking good care of. Regardless of the outcomes if you are focusing on making choices on a daily basis that support how you want to feel you will be living mom life (and your life) to the fullest.


  • You want a consistent workout routine that you can do at home or the gym but don't know where to start.
  • You want to lose/maintain weight and get stronger but don't have time to be in the gym everyday.
  • You are a busy mama who wants to get healthy without diets or some crazy plan taking over her life.
  • A mama who likes to support (and be supported by) other mamas in a space that feels encouraging and fun.


  • You want a meal plan restricting foods and be told exactly what to eat and what times.
  • Someone who just wants to do cardio and spend hours a day on a treadmill or elliptical.
  • Someone who doesn't want to be a part of an online community of other amazing moms.


  • Be consistent more than ever (as a mom) with your workouts.
  • Get stronger and more defined.
  • Feel more confident in your body.
  • Learn how to eat without restriction or feeling like to you need to be on the next diet, detox, or quick fix.
  • Be able to keep up your kids, pick them up, play with them with more energy and enthusiasm.
  • Get the support and friendship you are craving with like minded mamas who are all working towards taking better care of themselves.
  • Set the example for you children and family on what being healthy IS - having a healthy relationship with food, fitness, and our bodies.


“After having my second baby, I was very intimidated about getting back in the gym and attempting to get back into shape. I noticed my lack of strength and was ready to ease back into things. Working with Adele was the perfect solution! She helped me put together a plan that I was comfortable with and that my body could handle. Slowly, we added more weights and more intensity so I never felt overwhelmed or discouraged. The accountability of frequent check-ins was HUGE for me. It gave me that extra nudge when I wanted to skip my workout, knowing that I would be checking in with her! Also, Adele managed to put together 20-40 minute workouts for me so I could be in and out and still get a great workout. I have loved feeling the strength come back in my body and can’t wait to do more! Adele is the best!” 
Peri H.

“Adele truly understood my schedule of being a full time working mom of two. The workouts she provided were exactly what I needed to take care of myself, but I felt like I was not taking time away from my kids. She held me accountable and gave me great suggestions about my eating. She seriously was so understanding of where I am in life! Thank you!” 
Lauren T.

Frequently asked questions:

What equipment do I need?

All workouts will require either only your own body weight or a pair of dumbbells. Two pairs of dumbbells are ideal. A lighter pair for things like overhead presses and a heavier pair for things like squats and rows. If you are unsure about what weight to start with please ask.

Can I do these workouts at the gym?

Yes, workouts can be done at home or at the gym. Some exercises will have you use a bench. If you are working out at home I will show modifications where you can use the floor, a chair, or a step or something somewhere in the household. But if you prefer the gym setting without the distractions of at-home that is perfectly fine too. I will also include a few extra gym exercises each month for those moms working out at the gym.

Are these workouts suitable during pregnancy or early postpartum?

If you are later in your pregnancy or earlier than 2 months postpartum I recommend you contact for 1-1 individual coaching where you will receive my full attention and completely customized fitness plan with personal check-ins and coaching. We will work together and I will help you transition into this coaching club.

What level/intensity are these workouts?

These workouts can be adjusted to your current fitness level. They will be challenging because in order to see change we need to push our bodies just a little bit more than they are use to but we can modify with more rest, adjusting the reps, and subbing in different exercises. This will all happen with the coaching in our private group. 

What happens when I pay?

Once you make payment you will receive an email that you **must confirm** saying that you wish to receive further information. This is super important so don’t miss it. Be sure to check your spam and junk mail.

Once you do you should receive a welcome email within an hour. If you do not, please email me at

This email will give instructions on how to access the workouts, coaching group and additional info and goodies.

Upon cancellation of the membership, you will be removed from the Facebook group and no longer have access to the workout, coaching emails, and exclusive monthly content.

There is no contract or minimum commitment. This group is a month to month and you are responsible for canceling if you wish to leave. Join for as long as you need to. You can cancel at any time.


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