Mindset Makeover – Food Edition

Mindset Makeover Food Edition

This 3 – week course if for women who want an effortless way to eat on a daily basis. If you find yourself stressing and thinking about food or always wondering what the best way to eat is, being tempted by new diets and plans this is for you. This course is completely mindset based.

How this course is delivered:

Each day for 3 weeks you will receive one email with either insights, tips, tools, or different strategies and perspectives that will help you interact with food more effortlessly on a daily basis.

What we will be covering:

  • Breaking the all or nothing mindset and how to *actually* eat in moderation.
  • How to manage hunger and cravings to eat in a way that feels good to you.
  • The EASE model - the 4 concepts you must know to eat in a way that feels stress free.
  • Why more willpower is not the answer and what to do instead.
  • How to eat your favorite foods without overindulgence so you never feel bloated, stuffed, and guilty.
  • How to create your food and eating foundation so you no longer need to seek out diets, plans, or trends.
  • The two things you MUST have in the process that have nothing to do with food and eating.

Who this course is NOT for:

This is not for women who want rapid weight loss or are expecting to change their body in the next 30 days.

This a mindset course around food. This course is for those looking to make positive changes in the way they think and interact with food.

These concepts can definitely lead to weight loss down the road but if you are looking for something quick or are looking to be told exactly what to eat I do not recommend you sign up.

There are not calorie or macro counting, food lists, meal plans as part of this program. 

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