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Super Simple Fat Loss Cardio Workouts

This guide contains 10 of my favorite super simple cardio workouts all under 20 minutes.

Learn how to get more work done in less time so you can spend your time enjoying life and not stressing about your workouts.

Access here.


20 – No Recipe, Recipe Guidebook

This guide contains 20 of my favorite easy and healthy meals that hardly require a recipe.

Remember that food doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. and can still be healthy and enjoyable.

You can access it here.




My Ideal Body Cheat Sheet

Grab these 16 simple solutions to jumpstart your results. This is the guide to have if you are looking to get serious and reach your goals without stressing about food and exercise.

Discover effortless solutions so you never again are frustrated that you are not “sticking to a plan.”

Kick the all or nothing approach to the curb because life is too short not to have wine and chocolate!

Access it here.



Quickie, Beginners Guide to Kettlebells

This guide includes exercises pictures, instructions and workouts to get you started with the basics in kettlebell training.

You can access it here.



Weekly Organizational Chart

I love my phone but I love weekly, at-a-glance charts to see everything in front of me and help keep me organized. Plan your workouts, meals, and errands to keep your body and life on track.

Access it here.



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