FIT Life Week At A Glance



 How to use this chart.


Each week decide what days you are going to workout and write them in the boxes at the top. Think about what days are most stressful and simply do not schedule a workout on those days. If you miss one, you can always make it up later in the week. You can also make notes here about other things you may need to put on your calendar.

To Do

Write down one major thing you want to get done this week. You probably are thinking “Adele, I have stuff I need to get done every..single…day!! And I get that, I do too.Put that stuff in the boxes. But I want you to focus on either one major thing that will alleviate stress or that you have been putting off. While getting all the little stuff done this week, you will also get that one thing done too. And it doesn’t have to be a chore. It could be to read for 30 minutes, try that new restaurant or get a massage.


This is a good place to write down your meals each day IF you want to plan in advance. You could simply plan one day in advance. If you know tomorrow will be hectic, make sure incorporate a couple go to snacks that will get you through the day.  If that is too stressful no worries, use it as you wish. 🙂


Use this space to write down your theme for the week. It could be as simple as I am enough, to your favorite quote, to something you want to remind yourself each day. Here is a quote for you to get started!

Nothing binds you except your thoughts. Nothing limits you except your fear. And nothing control you except your beliefs. Marianne Williamson

Now go ahead and get started!!

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