Fit Body After Baby

Fit Body After Baby

You deserve to feel strong and healthy in your body. Your confident post baby fitness strategy begins now!

Special sale: only $49 (one time payment)

“After my daughter was born, my body felt completely foreign to me. Between infertility, eventual pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and caring for a new baby, I felt so weak and depleted. When my daughter was 14 months old, I decided to do something to really start caring for myself. I discovered Adele through Instagram and felt immediately drawn to her positive energy and real advice as a new mom herself.” Mom of one

Fit Body After Baby is a 12 week program to help moms return to exercise and fitness their first year post baby. 

I get that postpartum and being a mom is challenging.

The changes our body and lifestyle go through during and after pregnancy are vast and intense.  We are overjoyed by the wonders of motherhood but also overwhelmed and exhausted and maybe even feel a little disconnected and uncomfortable in our bodies.

We start to feel like we are ready to get back to how our body use to feel. Totally normal.

It can be confusing with all the misinformation and body back messaging. Many programs fail to address what moms really need postpartum and create a sense of urgency and desperation to moms at a time when they are most vulnerable.

I want to help you do it the right way, in a way that feels manageable with the demands of motherhood.

“Adele truly understood my schedule of being a full time working mom of two. The workouts she provided were exactly what I needed to take care of myself, but I felt like I was not taking time away from my kids. The workouts she gave me were so understanding of where I am in life.” Mom of 2.

Contrary to the popular belief.... you do not have to get your pre baby body back.

But I do know you want to feel something different in your own skin. Strong, confident, sexy, healthy.

You may be feeling a little (or A LOT) uncomfortable.

You may feel weak or like you have zero core strength.

Your posture might feel terrible.

You may have heard terms like kegels, diastiasis, and/or pelvic floor, but have no idea what they really mean or how to incorporate them into your fitness plan.

You may have no idea how to actually find the time to return to exercise especially with so many demands of motherhood.

I've got you mama! You deserve to feel like the best version of yourself. This requires taking care of yourself while taking care of the ones you love so much.

Let’s create your confident post baby fitness strategy so that you can get back to feeling strong and healthy in your body.

I think sometimes we forget who we were before we became moms. WHO WE STILL ARE.

Call me crazy but I think you can feel more powerful and confident in your body post baby because look at all you have been through. 

You just need a plan to set a solid foundation first and something you can manage with the demands of motherhood. And at the end of the 12 weeks I just know you will feel strong, confident and healthy in your body. 

When you sign up for this 12 week program you will receive:

  • A 12 week workout program that progresses back to full body workouts so you can return to a fitness routine.
  • A core connection workout each month that focuses strictly on rehabbing the core, strengthening the glues, and stretching the body.
  • A strategy to return to exercise based around rehabbing the core and strengthening and healing the pelvic floor.
  • Short, time effective workouts laid out for you so you don't even have to think about it with video links so can you ensure you are doing the exercise properly.
  • An educational guide with information about diastasis, how to access for it, pelvic floor dysfunction, posture, breath and its connection to the core.
  • Bonus Videos with experts in the field (see below)

All of this for a one time payment of $49

I began training with Adele almost 6 months ago and have never felt stronger in my life. Adele has taught me so many things, from exercises, to nutrition, to (most importantly) how to be consistent in my workouts. I would recommend Adele to anyone, especially new moms looking to feel good about themselves and their bodies because after everything it takes to be a mom, we all deserve at least that much.” Mom of 1.

Hi, I am Adele....

I am a mom, personal trainer, pilates instructor and coach moms remotely in the online space. I have over 12,000 hours of hands on experience with clients in real life.  I created this program after going through my own pregnancy fairly knowledgeable about pre post natal fitness but completely shocked at the lack of information given to moms during and after pregnancy. I knew better but did others? No health practitioner ever mentioned things to be on the look out for like diastiasis, prolapse, exercise suggestions, pelvic floor rehab. After I delivered a nurse told me to do lots of kegels and a doctor told me to strengthen my core with lots of yoga and pilates exercises. This is not good information. There is a strategy behind returning to exercise yet very few people are talking about it.  Moms deserve better. You deserve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need? 

Ideally you will need a mini band, an exercise band (any type of resistance band), and a pair of dumbbells. Both bands can be purchased online for under $10. If for some reason you are unable to find or purchase the bands you can easily modify the program without them.

I am more than a year postpartum. Can I still do this program?

This program is ultimately designed to help moms return to exercise/training/fitness so while it is geared toward mamas the first year postpartum the exercises and information will be beneficial toward any moms wanting to regain strength, function, and get back to fitness and feeling strong and capable in their bodies.

How soon can I do this program after baby?

You can start with aspects of the program like breathing, alignment, and pelvic floor/core connection immediately. You can wait until your clearance by your doctor to being the full program.

What if I am pregnant? Can I do this program?

Though the information will be extremely useful the program is geared toward the postpartum season as the program is designed to return to exercise and typically we are gearing down into the later stages of pregnancy. If you are interested I would save this program for after baby.

Are the workouts hard?

The workouts are designed to progressively help mamas return to exercise. The slow path is the fast one post baby. The workouts start basic and short and gradually progress you to more intensity. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the workout by a variety of factors which will be explained in the program.

Can I do this program if I had a c -section?

Yes. It is important to focus on pelvic floor health even with a c – section. This program will provide the strategies you need to rebuild core strength and help get you back to strong.


But wait there is more....BONUS INTERVIEWS!

Included are 5 bonus videos with experts in the postpartum field on everything from hormones, to pelvic floor health, to emotional health and well being to REAL mom life.

You will receive instant access to all 5 video interviews upon purchase of the program.

Alicia Taverner

Mood disorders and mental health postpartum

Beth Jones

Hormones, Food, & Motherhood.

Jessie Mundell

Returning to running and high impact activity postpartum.

Brianna Battles

The Postpartum Mindset

Beverly Simpson

Fat loss & hormones postpartum

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