Create Consistency Challenge

10 - Day #CreateConsistency Holiday Fitness Challenge

Either wait until January or start now and get results by January. Challenge runs November 23rd - December 2nd.

Want to feel better about your body? Worried the holidays are going to set you back even more?

Not this year! Get the momentum you need now and imagine what it would feel to start the New Year ahead of the game, feeling stronger, fitter and healthier while everyone else just sits around and makes excuses until January 2nd? 

The Challenge? Complete 5 workouts in 10 days. Learn how to enjoy food and celebrations without overdoing it.

Join this 10 - Day Challenge for only $10

Lucky you, you get all this!!

  • 5 effective workouts you can do using dumbbells only
  • Learn Adele's EXACT 4 - part eating curriculum to help you stress less around food and help you maintain (maybe lose) not gain this holiday season
  • Tools you can use at holiday parties and social events so you can actually enjoy yourself and not feel guilty or overindulgent with your eating (what, you can still have wine and dessert?)
  • My #1 motivational workout strategy to use when you just don't feel like exercising (game changer)
  • Facebook community for support with LIVES on how to navigate and manage holiday tempations.

If we don't know each other ....

I'm Adele, a wife, mama, personal trainer and owner of The Fit Life with Adele. I help women become more consistent with eating and exercise so they can feel strong, confident, and proud in their bodies. I know how easy it can be to push fitness aside during the holiday season and that is exactly why I created this challenge. No BS. No gimmicks. No restrictions. You will be surprised at the strategies I have in store for you over the 10 - Day Challenge, especially the group Facebook LIVE the day before Thanksgiving, because I want to help you going into Turkey Day and beyond. See you in the challenge, can't wait!!!

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