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Why You Don’t Need to Plank For 2 Minutes

Let me be the first person to say….I am not a big fan of planking challenges or any routine that asks to hold a plank for anything longer than 45 seconds.

A couple reasons being:

1) You can benefit greatly from holding a plank for less time with more intensity.

2) It is boring. There are too many great variations of planks to challenge you in different ways to simply just work on holding a plank for minutes on end.

If you are holding a plank for more than 45 seconds and feel like you could hang out forever in that position, notice if you are putting more pressure on your shoulder joints, elbows, toes, and taking less focus off the core (the abdomen, low back, glutes).  Training in a neutral spine (aka plank)  is one of the safest ways to increase core stability,   where you are neither flexing, extending or rotating the spine you are just working to resist movement .

However I think you can bump up the intensity with the following tips, and plank in a much more efficient and effective way.


Right now, get on the floor and hold the plank shown in the picture for 15 seconds. If for any reason it hurts do not do it. Then rest.

Now try it again and think of the following.

Plank tips:

—-> Don’t move at all in your plank but think of your elbows and toes pulling toward one another. Keep a neutral spine. If you feel a little shaking, you are doing it right.

—->Pull your shoulder blades back and down slightly. This often helps take tension out of the neck and shoulders.

—>Think of your core “bracing.” Bracing as if someone is punching you in the stomach and it automatically tightens.  You are neither pulling the belly button in nor coming out of neutral alignment.

—->Engage your butt. Squeeze those butt cheeks. This will help take pressure off the low back.

Try incorporating these tips and holding a plank for 15 seconds and resting for 15 seconds for 2 minutes. Once you build your endurance (which is usually fairly quickly) you can progress to 30 seconds.

How to challenge yourself more?

Instead of holding your plank longer, reduce your base of support as shown below.


3-point plank. Try lifting one foot off the mat for 10 seconds and then switch sides. Refer back to plank tips to keep proper form. Once this feels easy, you can try lifting the opposite arm up and hold a 2-point plank.


Side plank. You can start by keeping the bottom knee down on the ground. Once you process to holding a full plank for 30 seconds, you can lift the leg as shown in the picture.

These are just a couple options you can use to increase the challenge of a plank without holding it longer.  Always choose good form over how long you can hold a plank.


4 Pilates Myths Busted

I have had many, seemingly obvious,  ah-ha moments over the past few year as I would practice a handstand in CrossFit one day and a handstand in Yoga the next. The cues, explanation and purpose were all different with their own perspective. The same thing would happen when I taught the Pilates variation of a push-up to a client one day and then take a client through a decline push-up the next day in the weight room. A push-up is a push-up and a handstand is a handstand, the philosophy is just different, and as long as it is taught or used safely I am ok with that.

As a former college athlete, a Pilates Instructor and NSCA certified personal trainer, I feel I have a well rounded approach to working out and training clients. I get a little bit of both worlds and with that comes  some serious perspective of how it is easy to get caught up in one way of exercising or one way of thinking. Many trainers in the field nicely imply that Pilates is useless and I even get made playful fun of at workshops. Like when I attended the HKC (kettlebell) course, number 10 on the safety list was to use common sense, and if you did not have it, take a Pilates class. Ha! With all this “harassment” I will still say that I absolutely love the Pilates method and have seen a great benefit by adding this type of training in a fitness regime,  for not only myself, but my clients as well.

However I hope to leave you better informed by  busting a few common Pilates myths that I hear on a regular basis.


Myth #1: Pilates will make your muscles long and lean like dancers.

My favorite take on this is a quote by top strength and conditioning coach Mike Boyle.

“One of my favorite lines of bull is the old “ this exercise or training method will give you long, lean muscles like a dancer”. This is akin to telling people you can turn an apple into an orange right before their eyes. You can no more make a short stocky female client have long lean muscles like a dancer than you make someone taller. Exercise will remove subcutaneous bodyfat and reduce intramuscular fat stores but, changing the source of resistance in a resistance-based exercise will not produce a muscle that appears different and or larger.”

Anatomically speaking, your muscles have a fixed insertion point  and a fixed origin, and there is no exercise you can do that will change those points to make your muscles longer or shorter. You can perhaps get a leaner look with Pilates by combining it with a suitable resistance training program and nutrition plan, but Pilates alone will not significantly affect a drop body fat as demonstrated in this study.

Myth #2: Pilates will make you taller.

I came across a Pilates ad on YouTube that claimed Pilates can make you 2-3 inches taller, and let me be the first to tell you this is simply not the case. Often times my clients claim they feel taller, but it is often just that. They “feel” taller  simply because they are more aware of their body and its positioning.  For example, when chest muscles become tight and  back muscles become weak we tend to round our shoulders forward creating a hunched posture. When a client becomes more aware of their hunched position, they correct themselves to sit up taller, and that is the awareness that leads to feeling “taller.”

Myth #3: Pilates is just for women.

Pilates was created by a man, named Joseph Pilates,  who was a boxer, circus performer and self defense trainer. (His story is fascinating so to read more about the history of Pilates click here.)

Because of Pilates association with dancers, focusing on strengthening pelvic floor muscles, and it’s graceful presentation, it is associated most often with women. However, many top, male athletes currently use Pilates as part of their routine to strengthen their core, and improve flexibility and mobility, in addition to their training and conditioning or sport of choice. To see how Dwayne Wade and Lebron James use Pilates click here and here.

Myth #4: Pilates is just about strong abdominals and will give you a six pack and/or a flat stomach. 

While it does focus on the abdominal muslces specifically, it also focuses on strengthening the entire torso (and body) and specifically the gluteal muscles which can help stabilize the pelvis and the spine. Pilates addresses the entire core: the front, back and sides , and all movement of the spines: flexion, extension, rotation and lateral flexion. It does not necessarily flatten your abdominals either without the appropriate exercise and nutrition prescription.

Being certified through STOTT Pilates I use the following principals  to perform each exercise the most efficiently and safely.

1. Breathing

2. Pelvic Placement

3. Ribcage Placement

4. Scapular Stabilization and Mobility

5. Head and Cervical Placement

The Pilates method is uniquely its own and Joesph Pilates sums up it best by the following quote that I would assoicate with all methods of fitness.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. Our interpretation of physical fitness is the attainment and maintenance of a uniformly developed body with a sound mind fully capable of naturally, easily, and satisfactorily performing our many and varied daily tasks with spontaneous zest and pleasure.”


How To Not Break Your Promise To Yourself in 2015

In 2015, I will ________________. Fill in the blank. The promise of this statement is actually more exciting than actually doing the work to get there.

Excitement. Motivation. Relentless optimism. These are all great things, and all thing we feel when making a decision to change. With 2015 upon us most of us have created a vision for our future. Eat better. Workout more. Save more money. Be successful in business. Spend more time with family. Spend less time on Facebook. These are all wonderful things but they elicit  slightly different emotions then actually implementing behaviors and following through with them.

When making the decision to change you get a rush of feel good emotions, as the promise of change is way more exciting then actually making the change itself. It is more motivating to start, give up, start give up, start give up, then to start and follow through. We look more often for an opportunity to start again with a fresh slate and get motivated about the change, then going through the process and actually doing the work the work the first time.

I am going to apply this concept to getting fit but the not so secret secret is that you already know what you need to be doing, you just have to find a way to implement it. This is why I created my FREE 15-day challenge, not some crazy promise, but a program that focus strictly on the developing the habit of working out. If you are interested you can register here by January 3rd at midnight:  and find the details here!

Interestingly enough we actually give more credit to our future selves, then our current selves as Kelly McGongial points out in the book The Willpower Instinct.

“It is one of the most puzzling but predictable mental errors humans make: We think about our future selves like different people. We often idealize them, expecting our future selves to do what our present selves cannot manage.”

This is almost sweet in sense, that we think so highly of ourselves and really think that our future self will want to eat better and lose weight and implement the necessary steps even when our current self does not do that. If we can take that compassion and apply it to ourselves now and implement small, doable habits into our daily lives, we can set our expectations as high as we want, knowing that these small steps will get us there.

No matter what you promise to yourself in 2015, create high expectations, but realistic behaviors by using the following perspectives.

 Be neither pessimistic, nor optimistic, be realistic.

“Optimism can make us motivated, but a dash of pessimism can help us succeed. Research show that predicting how and when you might be tempted to break your vow increases the chances that you will keep a resolution.” The Willpower Instinct.

Optimism is important. You must believe that you can achieve what you set your mind to. Set your expectations high but put realistic behaviors into place. If you want to lose 50 lbs, that is a big expectation and you can absolutely achieve that goal. But do not commit yourself to 5 hours of workouts, if you are having trouble finding 10 minutes to workout. Know that if you can squeeze in 10 minutes a day, you are well on your way to achieving that goal. Do not give up just because you are only doing 10 minutes.

Have a back up plan. 

If you want to eat better and workout more often, list typical challenges you face when you are tempted to eat more and skip your workouts.


My husband always brings ice cream into the house.

I always walk in the door at night starving and eat everything in sight.

I never have a snack on me when I am out and about and end up grabbing McDonalds.

I have time to workout but it is hard to get motivated.

What back up plan could you create for these scenarios? That way when you face them, because you know you will, you already have thought about how you will workaround it.

Active Acceptance. 

You can accept where you are right now by working to where you want to be. If you want to lose weight do not assume that when you lose the weight it will be happy. Be happy NOW why working towards where you want to be. If you wait until you achieve something to be happy you will miss out on a lot of time being happy, even if it is not exactly where you want to be.

Your reality is what it is and there is nothing you can do to GO BACK and change it, you can only change it going forward.You already know what you need to be doing.

This is simply amazing in itself. That you do not need to search for a magic bullet or the perfect way of achieving success. You just need to keep doing the little things that need to be done each to day to be where you want to be. Again, applied to health and fitness. You know what you are suppose to eat and that you are suppose to move more, so you do not have to go searching. Like Nike says, Just Do It!

My Fitovate2015 program does all of the above to help you develop the motivation to be fit. Sometimes we just need a little guidance along the way and that is why I am here to help you get started.

Register here. ——->

Registration ends at midnight, January 3rd.

All the details ——->

You just have to do it!

Wishing you a joyful 2015 filled with gratitude and success, anyway you define it!





Are guilt and stress useful tools for getting your workouts in?

At the beginning of the week you are all set. You have your workouts planned, your gym bag is packed, you may even sleep in your workout clothes the night before.


And then it happens, a kid gets sick, you hit the snooze button one to many times, and get invited to a social gathering almost every night of the week. You skip your workouts day after day, even though you had the best intentions. You feel stressed, guilt and criticize yourself for falling off track yet again.

But do these emotions really serve us, make us more successful, and increase motivation?

Initially most will say that you must set expectations, follow through and give yourself some tough love, otherwise you will have no pressure or motivation to reach your goals and your willpower will fly out the door. The more pressure you put on yourself and the higher expectations you have, the more likely you will be to workout.

While this makes perfect sense in most peoples heads, it is actually the exact opposite!

Kindness and compassion towards one’s self are actually associated with more motivation and more self-control.

Say what? Studies actually show that instead of criticizing yourself, it is actually more beneficial to forgive yourself. Whether it is from a string of missed workouts or even a late night eating binge, stewing in your own guilt can actually have a negative impact on your motivation rather than a positive one.

What to do instead.

The next time you miss a workout, eat something you feel you shouldn’t have or the combo of the two, keep in mind the following.

  • Address yourself with self compassion and forgiveness.
  • Acknowledge that you were not inline with your goals (personal responsibility).
  • Troubleshoot about what you can do next time to get your workout in.
  • Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and move on quickly.

Chances are you are more likely to hold yourself accountable and learn from your experience. When you go into problem solving mode you give yourself an opportunity to create a solution to a challenge. When you go into stress, shame, guilt and anxiety mode you do not put yourself in a position to fix the problem itself.

Starting implementing this tool and see how it works for you. Prioritizing your workouts are essential, if they are important to you, but giving yourself permission to forgive when you miss one is a lot more powerful than most people realize.

Confessions Of A Former Clean Eater

I guess you could say I am a clean eater in recovery.

Clean eating used to seem so inline with goals. Eat foods as close to a minimally processed state as possible, eat 5-6 meals a day, drink 2 liters of water, avoid products with sodium or sugar, only eat ingredients you can pronounce, give yourself one treat meal a week. It sounded so streamlined and ideal, but what I found is that instead of eating with ease, it actually created a lot of stress with eating, creating a dynamic that food was either good or bad, on or off plan.

In the past year or so I really have turned from labeling myself as a “clean eater” to more of an intuitive eater. Eating based on what is in line with my goals, making me look, feel and perform my best.If I want dessert I have it, if I decline I feel ok with it. I might make paleo cookies but that doesn’t mean I won’t eat my greek yogurt later. I might try a gluten free recipe but that does not mean I will not eat pasta the next day.

While I realize I have complete control on how I choose to view food here are a few ways why I think the concept of clean eating, and other forms of set, standardized eating, sets us up for failure and a few ways I have learned to shift my mindset, and how you can too.


1. It gives food a good or bad name. Chicken and steamed vegetables = good. Cookies and pizza = bad. If you have chicken you are on plan, if you have cookies you are off plan. I do not want to be on or off a eating plan. I may have moments where I want to get back on track, if I eat too much and notice my jeans a bit tighter or my energy levels suffering, but ultimately I want food to be food.

2. It is impossible to have a social life. How many times have you stressed about having to go to an event where you know it will be difficult to make good food choices or any food choices at all because they are “off” plan.  You may fear that one night of food that is off plan, you will ruin your diet all together. That may even be the reason you choose to follow a certain way of eating because you don’t trust yourself that you will be able to stop at one cookie or one glass of wine.  You may fear you must have a plan or else you whole way of eating will go down the drain. You are not alone, I have been there.  But I have also learned that being super strict leads to less enjoyment with food and the social joy that goes into celebration with food.  The good news is you can still make healthy food choices where you go, or a bring a dish yourself. And this is the perfect time of year to practice TRUST in yourself and your eating choices. That you can go out and enjoy food and drink without going overboard.

3. It can develop a poor relationship with food or how you think about food. Sometimes eating turns into defining who we are. When we eat “good” food, we are in turn good. When we eat “bad” food, it defines our worth as bad. When we cannot stay on plan we feel guilt and anxiety and when we do stay on plan we are worthy. Here’s the best thing you can learn to do. Eat in a way that is in line with your goals, and when you have that cookie (because you can still have that cookie) do not stress over it.

4. It is not sustainable. It doesn’t matter what type of eating you choose to follow, clean eating, zone, paleo?  The question is, can you stick with it day in, day out, without anything “off” plan. Why? Because dictated types of eating do not align with our lives and our desires. Birthday parties, vacations, drinks with friends, holidays etc., are all a part of life. And I can’t think of ANYONE who follows a certain way of eating exactly to a “T” every single day of the year. How do you know if your diet is working for you? You can sustain it 365 days a year! If you can good for you, you are one step ahead of the game.

So what do I do to counter what I have been practicing for so long?

If you have followed me for some times you know I talk about my AES (Automatic Eating Strategies) quite a bit. My Wine and Cupcakes newsletter was probably the best way I could possibly explain to you how I think about food and my day ahead, and while it may have seemed complicated, it really is effortless to me. These tools I have developed help me eat in line with my goals, while not feeling deprived. Super strict is not the answer but eating with reckless abandon is not either. I know if I eat that way I will not feel well either.

1. Use my Automatic Eating Strategies. Some include thinking about my day ahead and making my choices in advance, always taking an apple or protein bar with me wherever I go, so if I am in a bind and need something to hold me over, I am covered. I eat lean protein and vegetables often throughout the day and something with protein and carbohydrates post intense workout. I always have something chocolate every single day.

2. Sample bites. I love taking bites of other people’s foods and this usually works best with people I am super close with, ha! I think sampling my boyfriends foods has been one of the best things that have happened to my eating habits because I get to taste everything but binge on nothing. My boyfriend is also pretty good with moderation when it comes to sweets. He can make a pint of ice cream last two weeks. Just a bite a day. For other tips on eating out click here.

3. Do not give food a name. Sometimes I still have a hard time with this one. I really try not to label food as good or bad, on or off plan. When it comes down to it, it is just food. It is food that is used as energy for our body. It is food that we use to enjoy social gatherings and it is is food that allows us to live our daily lives, and yet so much stress surrounds food now a days. Our food choices can keep us healthy or not, but they surely do not define us.




My Favorite “Make Quickly, Eat Simply” Food Finds

One of my mottos here at The Fit Life is to eat simply.  I am not a cook and I do not like to spend a lot of time prepping food. With that being said, I do not like to eat out a whole lot either. Today I am going to share with you some of my favorites that I am able to pick up all at Trader Joes, that help me eat simply, quickly and healthy.



Fully Cooked Bacon. This is not your truly thick and dense bacon but I actually like the lighter taste and that it is lower in fat.


Pre sliced mushrooms, shredded brussel sprouts and spinach in a bag, ready to go. I will pay extra for pre cut veggies!


A couple minutes and it is done, when you do not have the 45 minutes it, takes to cook brown rice normally.


This meal took me an hour to make but was super simple. Baked the green beans, put the tenderloin in the oven and diced up some multi colored potatoes and sauteed them in olive oil and Trader Joes Everyday Seasoning! SO good!


Coffee just makes everything better, especially when it is seasonally flavored. I make my coffee at home 98% of the time.


Ok, not food, but I couldn’t resist this card in the checkout line. A little motivation in life never hurts.


Plantain chips make a great, simple snack, especially when dipped in hummus or some salsa and homemade guacamole.


Overflowing fruit bowl here of all kinds, including this giant Opal Apple on the counter, which I had never heard of or tried before. Delicious!

What are your favorite go-to, quick and simple, snacks and meals?

Head over to my facebook page and let me know on my latest food post! Or your favorite Trader Joes finds! Love that place. 🙂

3 Ways To Stop Eating Everything In Sight At Night

“I eat really well during the day, but I have a hard time controlling what I eat at night.”

I hear this from so many clients, friends and family members as one of the number one reasons as to why it is difficult to lose weight.  I too, know what it feels like to walk in the door after a long day of work and snack from dinner time until bed. You may be stressed, irritated, exhausted, drained and despite all your hard work throughout the day of eating well and even getting your workout in, you somehow, in the moment, don’t really care about how this may be affecting your long-term physique or health goals.

You may even justify your behavior, saying you did well during the day so you deserve it, or it is just one night and you will do better the next day. All the willpower you have mustered up throughout the day has somehow dissipated and your fallback method is your habits. And when your habits are going straight for food without even thinking about it, they are difficult, but not impossible, to break.


A little humor for how a day like this may feel. 🙂


Here are three ways to stop eating everything in sight at night.

 Practice self control in a way that has nothing to do with food.

In the book, The Willpower Instinct, by Kelly McGonigal, she says,  “It’s the habit of noticing what you’re about to do, and choosing to do the more difficult thing instead of the easiest.”

Whether you are walking into the kitchen, opening the fridge, or have your hand in a bag of Doritos or spoon in the peanut butter (oops that is me), it is SO easy to just stay in the moment, and so difficult to just stop. So instead of trying to scrounge up every ounce of energy and willpower you have to break the habit at the hardest moment, why not try to practice changing your habit in a small way, that practices self control and works toward strengthening your willpower, without the internal battle of why you are eating when you shouldn’t be. 

McGonigal also gives examples of ways to improve self control that have nothing to do with resisting food but maybe resisting different,  smaller challenges. For example, for one day, try to brush your teeth or open any door with your nondominant hand. Try not to say “um” or “like” when you talk, or try not to use any swear words. This type of challenge helps the brain get used to thinking about what it is doing before acting. And while it does take a little extra effort to complete these tasks, it is not as overwhelming as trying to resist night time eating. These trivial self-control challenges may translate into bigger self-control challenges.

 Be less strict during the day.

You may fear that loosening up on your diet during the day will derail you from your health and fitness goals. However, if you come home at night feeling deprived and/or starving, you may be more likely to binge and overindulge.  Instead of oatmeal for breakfast, a plain salad at lunch and chicken and  veggies for dinner, try adding more satisfying foods in throughout the day, that will help keep your hunger and cravings in check. Add peanut butter to your oatmeal, a palm full or rice with your salad, a piece of fruit in the afternoon and protein to your lunch and dinner.

Sometimes being more strict can cause us to binge more at a later point because we never truly feel satisfied with what we are eating. You see this all the time a super strict meal plans which most people are only able to follow keflex. They may lose the weight initially but have a hard time keeping it off because it is not something that is sustainable. Ultimately, isn’t what you want something you can do forever? Eat healthy and indulge occasionally, while maintaing a healthy weight and a healthy and happy relationship with food.


And lastly, do not fall for the halo effect.

I only had a salad for dinner, so that means I can have dessert.

I only had three slices of pizza, it’s not like I had the whole pizza.

I worked out really hard today so I deserve a big dinner.

I ate healthy all day so I deserve to eat what I want tonight.

I had to eat out and that is why I could not make good choices.

McGonigal describes the halo effect in this way. “The halo effect is a form of moral licensing that looks for any reason to say “yes” to temptation. When we want permission to indulge, we’ll take any hint of virtue as a justification to give in.”

It even has a name in the dieting world, called the health halo. We tend to find any reason to not feel as bad about the choices we make.  Often times we look for validation when it comes to giving into temptation, a reason that what we are doing is ok. A reason why we are deserving of our hard work, even though it may affect our goals long term.

Instead of justifying your behavior ask yourself if the choices you are making are in line with your goals? And in order to do this you need a concrete way of measuring whether or not they are.

One reason I like the  not eating after 8:00 PM rule, is because it gives you a very concrete way of determining whether or not you can stay out of the kitchen at night, by a simple yes or no.  Studies show that sometimes it’s not so much about when you eat but the culmination of how much you eat throughout the day.  Yes it may be better to eat smaller meals throughout the day, but if you are struggling with night time eating implement this rule.

Try implementing one or more of these tools to help tame your night time eating and always remember the “why” behind your goals. Why are you so intent on reaching your goal and why are your stopping yourself from getting there.


10 Minute Turkey Week Workout

I always tell my clients something is better than nothing. And this week, when you feel as though you have no time, whether due to traveling, the holiday season or you are preparing Thanksgiving dinner for 20, you can still get your workout in.

While you may want to forget exercise all together, set aside a couple extra days this week and just 10 minutes to get a quick at home workout in.

Just 10 minutes a day adds up to over an hour a week and while that might not be ideal, or get you exactly to your goal, it is a great place to start. I bet you if you give this workout a try, at least 3 times a week, you will feel better in some sense, whether it is physical or mental.

I have outlined 3 exercises:

The triceps dip, the step-up and the elevated glute bridge. You will perform 10 repetitions of each exercise for 10 minutes rest as little or as much as you need to. You may get through 5 rounds, you may get through 1.5 rounds, the point is that you are starting somewhere.



TricepDips – Start in the position shown with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your fingers facing forward on the edge of the chair.



Bend the elbows so they are pointing behind and then press to straighten your arms and go back to your starting position. Repeat 10x.



Step-Ups – Start with one foot on a chair (if you feel unstable in any sense, find a step or stool that is not as high and perform the exercise).



Step up onto the chair and with the same foot step back down. Repeat 10x on one side and then switch to the other.



Elevated Glute Bridge. Place your heels on the top of the chair, knees at about 90 degrees.



Lift the hips off the mat until you are in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, squeezing the butt and then place the hips back on the mat. Repeat 10x.

Each workout you can try to beat your own personal record set for how many rounds you get! Record it in a journal or on a post-it and use that as an incentive to work just as hard or get even one more rep in next time.

“Do it, and then you will feel motivated to do it.” – Zig Ziglar

Bacon, Chive and Pumpkin Biscuits and Beefy Chili

It is safe to say all my recipes are all my own as I NEVER follow a recipe…eek! There is always an ingredient I do not have,  a step that feels like too much work, or a way I want to adjust it to make it more suitable for me. So here is my latest modification on two recipes that I made my own.



Bacon, Chive, and Pumpkin Coconut Flour Biscuits


4 strips of bacon chopped ( I use the precooked from Trader Joes. It is waaay easier and has less fat).

1/ cup of coconut flour

A sprinkle of salt

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1/2 cup of melted Ghee (clarified butter)

1/2 cup of pumpkin puree

3 eggs, 1 egg white

1/4 cup of chopped chives


Preheat oven to 350.

1. Cook bacon if you do not have the precooked kind.

2. Combine coconut four, salt and baking soda in a bowl. In another bowl whisk together the ghee and pumpkin until smooth and combine this mixture with the dry mixture.

3. Add the eggs and beat until smooth.

4. Gently mix in the chopped bacon and chives.

5. Place 8 small mounds of dough (or bigger if you would like), on a baking sheet with parchment paper.

6. Bake for 12-15 minutes. DO NOT overbake or they will be extra dry because of the coconut flour.


Extra Beefy Chili


1 lb of lean beef, 1 lb of regular beef

1 small onion diced

1 – 4 ounce can of chilies

1- 16 ounce can of diced tomatoes

1 -15 small cans of tomato sauce

1- 15 ounce can of kidney beans drained

1 small, green bell pepper chopped

2 tbsp of chili powder

A sprinkle of cayenne pepper

A sprinkle of Lawyers Seasoned Salt


1. Cook onions and beef until the beef is no longer pink.

2. Place all the ingredients in a crockpot and cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 6-8 hours.

Top with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese and Enjoy!

Feels like fall with these recipes and a little SoCal chill in the air.

Happy Cooking!




Staying Fit As A Mama Interview

If you learn one thing from me, I want you to realize that there is no cookie cutter eating and workout plan to follow. Everyone has their own way based on their goals, preferences, lifestyle, etc.

I love that everyone has their own way and today I decided to share with you, an interview I did with my sister, mother of 2 on how she does her BEST to stay healthy and fit, while raising two precious children.  jen


You have the most precious little ones, Peyton at 3.5 years old and Elliott at 10 months old. Having kids obviously has changed your life. What has motherhood taught you so far? What has been the most challenging part?

Motherhood has taught me to be selfless. My children’s needs come first. And it has shown me what my priorities are. Motherhood has shown me that things will not be perfect and that is ok. Some days the dishes aren’t going to get done and that’s ok. It has taught me that the capacity to love is much greater than I ever thought. I never knew that a little tiny human being of my own would make my mama heart melt as much as it does. I’ve learned that time is so precious. Motherhood has also taught me confidence  and self acceptance. I don’t care if I have to walk out the door not having showered, no makeup and yoga pants.

The most challenging part has been recently. Parenting a 3 year old is hard! I’m learning day by day and I know it’s just a phase, but I just want her to listen! Haha. Also, accepting my post baby body has been a little more difficult. It’s taking a lot longer than my first, but I know I will get to where I want to be.

 You have managed to stay in great shape before, during and after both of your pregnancies. What are your top pieces of advice for getting in your workouts?

It was very important to me to say active during my pregnancies. I have always kept my body in good shape. I enjoyed playing volleyball and swimming in high school and college and after that I loved running and lifting weights.

After Peyton was born, I was very eager to get back into shape. I had gained 30lbs with her. I lost my baby weight very quickly due to breastfeeding and not having an appetite the first couple months. I wanted something I could do at home and while she napped. I found out about a workout app from a friend and started doing that, 15-45 min full body workouts, 4-5 days a week because I loved them so much and could choose the workout based on how much time I had.

And about 8 months after I had her I started training for a half marathon as it was one of my goals to do within the year. So I started running 4 days a week along with one or two at home strength workouts. I would run early before she woke up or I would take her on my runs that were 5 miles or less. My husband would watch her on the weekend when I did my long run.

When I got pregnant with my son I had been doing Crossfit at the time so I continued that during my pregnancy. After he was born, I went back to crossfit at 6 weeks post partum, after I got clearance from my doctor. My daughter was in preschool and I could take Elliott with me to class and he would just sleep or sit and watch me workout in his car seat.

I also love doing evening walks with both kids. They love getting outside and really enjoy just relaxing in the stroller while I get a decent walk in pushing both of them.


jen2What does your ideal typical eating day look like? And what does it actually look like? 🙂

My husband and I started following a paleo lifestyle almost 3 years ago. My ideal day of eating would be eggs and spinach with a side of sweet potato for breakfast. A handful of almonds and an apple for snack. A green salad topped with tuna and hard boiled egg with green beans on the side for lunch. A green smoothie for afternoon snack. Spaghetti squash with meat sauce and side of broccoli. Homemade banana ice cream for dessert

What I really eat: a ‘rise’ protein bar and then around 10:00 a.m.  I make eggs and sweet potatoes.  Around lunch I snack on plantain chips and guac or salsa. For a late lunch I will try to do a salad or eat leftovers from the night before if there is enough. Sometimes I will just snack again like turkey roll ups or almond butter on celery. Late afternoon snack is usually a green smoothie that Peyton and I make together. A favorite dinner of ours is spaghetti squash or meatballs or bun less burgers made with grass fed beef.

I get hungry after dinner so I usually will snack on fruit, sometimes I’ll have a handful of chocolate chips. At the moment I am not strict with the paleo diet so there are plenty of days where I’ll snack on non paleo things like crackers or one of Peyton’s fruit snacks or a string cheese. And my husband likes to bring me home sweet treats every once in awhile so I can never say no to those. 🙂

 What keeps you motivated to stay fit?

There are many things that keep me motivated to stay fit. The way it makes me feel is one of them. When I work out consistently, I feel like I have more energy and I feel stronger. My children and husband are my motivation as well. I want to be fit for my family. I want my children to enjoy fitness and being active. I want them to know the benefits of exercise and eating healthy foods and what it does for our bodies.

What advice would you give to moms who are struggling to lose some of baby weight?

Make time for yourself to get a workout in. Even if that is putting a cartoon for your kiddo so you can do a quick 20 min workout. Or get your kid involved. Go in the backyard and run around. Have your kid do jumping jacks and squats with you.

I know prepping for meals can be time consuming but doing something like cutting up veggies so they are easy to grab for a snack or to throw on a pan and roast for dinner can make it so much easier.

What are your hobbies outside of being a mom and fitness?

Fashion and styling. I have a  fashion and lifestyle blog ( and I enjoy painting and other art. I enjoy cooking and would love to start a garden one day. The beach is one of my favorite places.

Favorite meal? My favorite meal at the moment is paleo sesame orange chicken with cauliflower rice. My favorite indulgence is anything Mexican with lots of chips and salsa!

Favorite workout to do in the gym? Squats, box jumps and running.

Favorite workout to do at home? Planks and practicing my push ups.

Thanks to my sissy for sharing how she makes fitness fit into her life. Xoxo!