About Adele

Hi there, I’m Adele and I help busy moms feel strong, confident, and capable in their bodies again.

My goal is to help you feel like you are thriving, not just surviving.

You don’t have to workout all the time or succumb to rigid nutritional guidelines to live in a body that feels powerful and healthy.

Motherhood is demanding on our bodies and schedules and I help moms streamline the process to reduce the stress, overwhelm and frustration so they can spend more time living fully in the present with their children.

Physical Strength begets mental strength. 

I believe our bodies thrive on movement of all kinds. I truly believe we find mental strength through physical strength.  It builds confidence, character and physical accomplishments, great or small, help carve the path to greater success in other areas of our life.

Commitment and consistency are a necessity.

I am passionate about my own health and wellness and am passionate about helping others achieve, not only their fitness goals, but finding a way to do it consistently and a little more ease. We do not have to complicate the process but find a way that feels manageable so we can stay consistent.

Keep it simple.

There is no magic bullet or big secret. It is about taking small, doable steps, day in, day out to make the lifelong process of health feel and be enjoyable. It is a work in process and does not have to be as stressful and complicated as it is made out to be.

Be brave.

Do all the things in life you have always wanted to do. Do not compare and do not let others dull your shine, put you down, or take away from your happiness. Ask for what you want, dream big but do the work. Do more of what you love and surround yourself by people and things that bring out the best in you. Life will not feel perfect, easy, or joyful all the time but we can make more efforts to make it that way.

Fitness should enhance your life, not take away from it. 

Life is not only about what to eat and how to exercise. But through fitness and wellness we can become more empowered, realize our full potential and find joy in the process. Eat simply, move often but most importantly live freely.

Where I want to be most often:

On safe adventures.

With my morning cup of coffee.

Listening to live music.

Hanging with my hubby, family, close friends, daughter and Golden Retriever Lulu.

Moving my body.

Watching Friends reruns or reading a good book in the sun.

Visiting new places.

Eating amazing foods that fuels my body and soul and that is everything from vegetables to burgers to chocolate to bread and cheese.

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