3 mistakes that are holding you back from losing weight

A lot of women have been approaching me online recently wanting to lose weight. They are just about ready to sign-up to receive a pre packaged food plan or purchase a smoothie or supplement package but turn to me at one last attempt because they recognize that eating a portioned meal out of a package is not a forever solution.

The word is out. People are recognizing diets and certain foods are not the solution in itself and are craving a more natural, moderate way of eating but just do not know where to start or are having a hard time implementing it.

These women have taken the first step out of the dieting mindset and when I work with them we start by re-addressing 3 common mistakes that I see people make when trying to lose weight.

Trying a super restrictive diet.

The standard for dieting is to eliminate “bad” foods and only eat “good” foods usually while restricting a certain macronutrient like fat or carbs.

I start by educating my clients that foods are not good or bad but some do provide more nutrients and support for the body and other less.

Some may help blunt cravings, keep us full, provide sustainable energy to the body while other might contribute to stronger cravings, leave us hungry or provide little nutrients to the body.

Trying to eat only “good” or “clean” foods leaves us in a dieting cycle that is not sustainable. At some point we will be exposed to dessert or alcohol or bread at a social event and have to learn how to enjoy in appropriate amounts. Avoiding it forever is not the answer.

The idea is to be able to include all foods in our diet in a way that makes us feel good physically, emotionally, and contributes to weight loss, maintenance or the desired goal.

Not eating enough to support exercise.

This is a tricky equation. Typically when people increase exercise they start to decrease caloric intake at the same time. Weight loss is all about energy balance so this seems to make sense BUT if you take either too extreme, you will not be able to sustain this approach and you will not support your body in the physical demands of exercise.

Bottom line. If you are working out, you do not want to take your energy expenditure too low. Eat enough to support your workouts but not too much or it will cause you to hold on to or gain excess fat/weight.

Your effort is coming from a place of self hate not self love.

I know, I know, this feels a little woo woo but hating your way to body change is, honestly, just no way to live. If you have disgust for yourself at 200 lbs, you likely will have some form of it at 160 lbs. If you don’t like your body at 150 lbs, it probably still won’t feel good enough at 140 lbs.

We can’t ignore the mindset piece necessary for our health, food, fitness, and personal growth journeys. Any program you try without it will take you right back to where you started.

Consider what you have to offer the world other than a certain number on the scale and you will be surprised at the power that will have in the journey.

If any of this resonates with you and you would like guidance and support in your health and fitness journey please fill out an seroquelinfo for my 1:1 online coaching program here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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