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Is fat loss a good goal for new moms?

When I think of a “good” fitness goal for a mom I think of one that enhances her life and well being whatever that goal might be. Not one that adds pressure, stress or urgency.

So when I think of the primary goal for a mom losing fat while she has a newborn and/or a toddler (or more kids) I cringe a little.

The four main pillars in fat loss are this:

Solid nutrition.

Consistent workouts.

Full nights sleep.

Managed stress levels.

Already you can see my point right?

New moms may want to lose fat but lack of sleep and high stress can inhibit weight loss and slow body change and during those early stages it feels a little out of our control.

So unfair as a mom right?

The early stages of mothering are so demanding on the body and a focus on fat loss requires lots of mental and physical energy. There are so many obstacles to these four pillars that will be difficult for busy, tired moms to meet and often leave them feeling guilty, frustrated and overwhelmed.

So is fat loss a terrible goal for all moms? Not necessarily. I actually think fat loss is a good goal for moms confident in their bodies, not moms who *want to be* confident in their bodies. Fat loss can be beneficial for health reasons for some but make that the goal – health, not shrinking to feel more worthy and loved.

So what is a mom to do when she wants to lose the baby weight but has all the four pillars working again her?

Focus on:

Rebuilding the core.

Regaining strength.

Returning to exercise you love.

How can we better help moms emotionally?

We support them. We encourage them. We don’t give them the “no excuses crap” or “just try harder.” We help them recognize that this is a season in their life and this season will pass.

To just do their best. To perhaps focus on health, energy, being stronger, and setting an example for their children and families. We take the pressure OFF fat and weight loss.

We help them thrive in their environment, not just feel like they are surviving.