Interview with Fit Pro Brianna Battles on Pre and Post Natal Fitness


“Pregnancy is temporary. Postpartum is forever.” Strength and Conditioning Coach Brianna Battles

There is so much poor health and fitness information out these days that when I come across really important information and resources I can’t help but share it and that is exactly what led me to this interview.

Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing fellow fitness professional Brianna Battles, a certified strength and conditioning coach, who immersed herself in the pre and post natal fitness world after her own experience training uninformed during pregnancy and a difficult postpartum recovery that left her feeling like something just wasn’t right.

As a trainer myself I have become more educated over the last couple years about what training looks like during pregnancy for a safe and healthy delivery and recovery postpartum.

Though I hadn’t quite experienced it myself, not only the lack of information,  but what is left unsaid even in my 9th month of pregnancy.

Why aren’t we providing women with better information on exercise and training during and after pregnancy?

I turned to Brianna to share her perspective and expertise. You can access the interview below.

The interview covers why common fitness advice is often misguided, such as:

“Just keep doing what you have always been doing.”

“Don’t lift more than 10 lbs.”

“You can return to full normal activity 6 weeks postpartum once cleared by a doctor.”

It also includes what is often being left unsaid, such as:

Diastasis Recti and how your exercise selection could make it worse and affect you post baby.

Seeing a pelvic floor physical therapist postpartum before returning to exercise.

Easing back into your workout routine even if it takes a year or two.

Access audio interview here.

I have also included several links below about where to find Brianna
and additional resources to help keep you informed.

Diastasis Recti Blog by Brianna
Fit Pro’s Course for those who work with  pregnant and postpartum athletes at all levels. Access here.
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