Add Glute Burnouts to Your Routine

I first heard about the actual term glute burnouts from the glute master himself Bret Contreras but I have been adding these into my routine for quite some time.

Glute burnouts are a series or combo of a glute exercises preferably done at the end of a workout in high reps to add a  extra metabolic stress to the designated area.

This fits perfectly with what I have been adding into my clients, and my own, workouts recently. Some type of 5 minute finisher of some combo of exercises depending on the client, goals, preferences, or program.

If I am feeling the need to get some cardiovascular work in, I will do 5 minutes of sprints. If it is leg day I might add these glute burnouts. If I am feeling like getting a little arm pump I will superset bicep and tricep exercises just because.

I feel a well designed program is important but I also see the value in a little bit of freedom, fun and spontaneity in training.

So here are some glute burnouts for you to add in at the end of a workout, an off day or whenever you feel like it. The band makes it that much better but you can definitely do most without it.

Eleveted Glute Bridge


Monster Walks

SIde to Side – Forward and Back

Clam and Fire Hydrant



Two glute burnouts routines for you.

Routine A.

20 Monster Walks Forward and Back

20 Monster Walks Side to Side

20 Elevated Glute Bridges

Repeat 2x total

Routine B.

20 Side Lying Clam (each side)

20 Fire Hydrant (each side)

20 Elevated SINGLE LEG Glute Bridges ( not pictured, no band).

Repeat 2x total

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