Mayo Free Egg Salad (what’s the secret ingredient?)

I am on a mission to help re work where eating and exercise went wrong. Because it did go wrong. We thought restriction with food and exercising all day to burn calories was the answer. It’s not.

I want to make it simple for you because it doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as we have made it out to be. So let’s start today with a simple recipe that includes lots of healthy fats. Eggs and avocado.

We don’t need to shun fats altogether, just replace them with healthier choices in moderate portions. If you want to remember anything about food remember that. Healthier choices in moderate portions.

Think less potato chips and nacho cheese and more eggs, avocados, fresh meats and fish, and dairy.

Ok onto this delicious avocado, egg salad recipe.



(single serving)

  •  2 hard boiled eggs (which I did the day before)
  • 1/2 an avocado
  • tsp lemon juice
  • tsp red wine vinegar
  • sprinkle of salt and chili flakes
  • tbsp of diced onions


  1. Peel hard boiled eggs and mash all ingredients together.
  2. Top on toast.



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