Do you even know what you want? 3 steps to figuring it out.

I have a really cool concept to share with you from the book The Four Hour Workweek, called Dreamlining. It is kinda of like goal setting except the idea is to write down whatever you want in life.

No judgements. No realistic expectations. No feeling bad if that is a fancy car or a daily massage therapist. Essentially dream as big as you can and then decide what’s most important to you right now and figure out how you are going to make it happen.

What was most surprising, and why I wan’t to share it with you, was this assignment was not as easy and effortless as I initially thought it would be. It provided me some great insight of  willing to prioritize in life and made me ask “Do I even know what I want in life?” And I think it will do the same for you.

It breaks down like this: what you want to DO, BE, and HAVE in life.


What do you want to be? A good dancer? An entrepreneur? Fluent in another language?

What do you want to do? Travel the world? Ride in a hot air balloon? Run a marathon? Do 5 pull-ups?

What do you want to have? A personal chef? A home overlooking the ocean? That new handbag?  A new pair of Nikes?

It can be as small or as big as you want but it is whatever you want to do, be, and have NOW. Not when you retire. Not when you have more money. Not when you have more time. Sure a home overlooking the ocean will take time and money to achieve but that doesn’t mean you can’t start working towards it or thinking about it now.

Traveling the world? That may be far fetched for some but he has the whole plan laid out if you want to be brave, take a leave from your job, on as little money as possible. The thing is, it IS possible but most of us have other priorities.

I always say I want to travel the world but when I really break it down do I want to quit my job and be on the road for 6 months when home is one of my favorite places to be?

What I encouraging you to do right now is write down what you want to  BE, DO, and HAVE. Do it right now. Stop reading and don’t pass go until you are done.


My mini vacations over the course of the year keep my travel desires happy. No need for extravagant vacations.


I know you are still reading without doing the list because that is what I do when I read books that ask to stop and do assignments but after reading this I really do hope you set aside some time to do this assignment.

Some things I want I am already working toward (an online fitness business to help more people, travel internationally) and some things are more extravagant like owning a home or to be able to fly to as many fitness conferences as possible without worrying about work or money. Some things I can do this year like hike half dome and buy a new couch.

With slots for 5 things in each category I was feeling a little stuck and it made me realize a few things. One, much of what I think I want I already have. Two, things I thought I have always wanted I didn’t really care so much when it came down to it. Three, I did not automatically list as many material items as I though. I thought for sure I would list all the Micheal Kors bags and watches and Sam Edelman boots.

It took me awhile and I found myself saying over and over again, “For all the things I think I want  in life do I even know what I want?”

Do you even know what you want in life?


My personal spin on the assignment of course comes back to health and fitness.

If body change, health or strength is your goal, what could you be, do or have if your current condition were different? Maybe your current condition already give you everything you already need.

Would it be easier to move around?

Travel new places? Do new things?

Would you really, truly have more confidence and happiness? Maybe yes, maybe no.

Repeat this assignment again in regards to your body. I think it is important because so often we strive for these huge goals, visions and dreams but in actuality do we even know what we want?

Do you even know what you want? Maybe you will realize you want everything you thought you did. Or maybe you will realize you have so much more than you thought you did.

Give it a try and report back. Can’t wait to hear your findings.



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