19 ways to create a badass health mindset in 2016

No doubt the health of your mind is as important as the health of your body so don’t be surprised that much of these badass tips are in regards to the way you think about things.

Knowing you should workout and eat well are all good and well but it doesn’t really matter unless you figure out what gets in the way of doing the work. Can you imagine living a life where food and fitness feels a little less stressful and you thrive off of it,  and not feel like you are just barely hanging on to survive feeling overwhelmed all the time. 

Here are 19 ways you can (and will) create a badass health and fitness mindset in 2016!



This must be my badass mindset going on. Time outside? Yes please.


Take the first step. You don’t need to see the full path and know exactly what will happen. In fact you never can predict what happens for sure but instead of contemplating how to workout or what to eat, just do something already. We are so quick to talk ourselves out of why something might now work instead of just putting in the work to see what happens. The best way to build confidence? Just do something.

Surround yourself with people and things that keep your goals and intentions front and center. Quotes, notes, people, places, classes, hobbies. Surround yourself with healthy likeminded people who have similar visions an goals as you. You can’t get everyone on board around you but perhaps someone or something.

Create a theme. You don’t have to write a blog or be in the movies to declare your theme for the year. And the best part is, it can be whatever resonates with you. Edgy? Sensitive? Hardcore? The only requirement is that it inspires you to be better and do better.

Don’t tie your happiness to your body. Being happy when you reach a certain size, lift a certain weight or achieve a certain goal is all good and well but that momentarily excitement comes and goes just like everything else in life. Tie your happiness to the journey, the good and the bad, because that is where the reward lies.

Eat healthy foods because they are damn good for you. Don’t get caught in diet dogma like restriction, low carb, and low fat. Eat whole, fresh food as often as possible because it is full of nutrients and things your body needs and thrives off of. Don’t think you do it just because you are supposed to and it is boring and hard.

Limit your processed food intake because it sucks for your body and your mind when overdone. Basic guidelines: eat food in moderate portions and include veggies often. Don’t overthink it.

Ask yourself what you would be without that thought? I am totally going Byron Katie on you with one of her thought provoking pieces of advice. Ask yourself what you would be without being overwhelmed, unsure, frustrated, upset. You would just be. The power is in the thought and if we think it or not. Feel what you need to feel and move on quickly.

Workout because you want to be strong. Let go of the aesthetic drive and work out because you want a capable, strong body. Set workout goals that have nothing to do with the way you look but the way your body moves and feels. Without realizing it your body will change, whether that is leaner, stronger, healthier, more capable. 

Stop investing all your efforts into believing you are not good enough. You are good enough in this very moment even if you feel you are not where you want to be. Quit feeling like you have to do everything perfect and that if it isn’t perfect it isn’t good enough. Be perfect by being the best you.


“Everything we experience – no matter how unpleasant – comes into our lives to teach us something.” Isyanla Vanzant

Strive to be healthy because you love your body not because you hate it. Hating yourself to success is not the only way. What about appreciating, being grateful and loving your way to success. It is possible but it begins by changing the way you think.

Confidence/Competency Loop. Become more confident by taking action. By educating yourself about making healthy choices and actually doing it, you become more confident and less fearful in your actions. When we feel fear building we tend to resort to not doing anything.

BUT when we start to take action and realize, “Hey, this isn’t so bad. I CAN do it,” we build our confidence, become more aware of what we can achieve and the cycle repeat itself. Our competence builds and so does our confidence.

Pay attention to the way you speak to yourself. “Whether you think you can or can’t, you are right,” said Henry Ford. If you keep telling yourself you are not motivated, you can’t do it, you always mess up, you don’t have time, your life will continue to play out that way. Give yourself a chance by owning all your choices as perfect or imperfect as they might feel.

Put yourself ON the hook. My business coach talks about this all the time. Put yourself on the hook. As in, not off the hook. Because when you are off the hook you are, in a sense, no longer obligated to put in the work and rid yourself of any responsibility. You get to wipe your hands clean and say “Nope, its not on me. I can’t do anything about it.” So in life, in relationships, with your job, with your health, put yourself ON the hook big time! Why? Because there is no better place to be that in your power.

Read new books. Some people think self-help, mindset, and motivational and inspiration books are simply a bunch of woo woo common sense advice and that the universe doesn’t give shit about what you do. While yes a lot of it is quite simple and seems far fetched to some, I can’t think of better way to keep my goals, thoughts, priorities and intentions in line than reading something everyday that keeps my mind in a positive, growing state.

I don’t even know where to begin with recommendations but lets start with The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday, The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz, and The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

Get into your discomfort zone. You hear challenge? You say bring it! Change happens in your discomfort zone and if you are ready to look discomfort in the face and not shy away you are on step ahead of the game my friend. Discomfort can be unsettling but just know that on the other side is magic.

Act as if you are already where you want to be. In my latest read The As If Principal by Richard Wiseman it says emotion follows behavior. Do you need success to be happy? Or do you need to be happy to have success? Act “as if” you are already where you want to be and the rest will follow. Worst case scenario is you walk around feeling pretty badass! 😉

Say, “How fascinating!” I wish I could remember where I read this (I can’t take credit) but I once came across the perfect response for when daily difficulties, challenges and stress arise and that is simply to respond with “How fascinating.”

I take this as a statement of wonder and curiosity about how during this life and this moment, this is what you are presented with.  Sometimes if feels unfair and frustrating. It is up to you to decide how you will deal with all the good and the bad. What will you choose? Will you let it break you or make you?


Just take action. Failure is not a sign of weakness. Only a lessoned learned.

Figure out what makes you feel alive and do more of that. Make a list of things you love to do. You don’t have to show any one and don’t judge yourself for a second. Write down things, moments and people that you truly cherish and enjoy. Things that add value and joy to your day.

It can be simple things like coffee in the morning, spending time outside, or spending time with a certain person. It could be bigger things like traveling, a day adventure or something you have never done before. For the simple thing add them in weekly. For the bigger things, add them in as often as possible.

Fall in love with your life and this moment.  Woo woo alert! But seriously, it is so easy to catch ourselves in states of searching for a certain moment, a certain experience or a person to make us feel certain way.

We spend time wishing we somewhere else, wishing we were someone else, waiting for someday down the road when we find happiness. But everything you are looking for are moments happening along the way. What you are searching for is right in front of you, it just depends what you make of it.

Don’t forget about 2015. We get so caught up in looking ahead to 2016 that we forget about everything that 2015 has already or can still teach us. What did not work well this past year is as much of a lesson as what did work well.

Before you even think about next year take a moment or two of reflection on how this past year played out for you and only then start to envision yourself in 2017. Yes 2017. What can you do in 2016 that will get you to where you want to be? What is your vision?

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