Adele’s 5 Friday Favorites

Back this week with 5 of my favorite things I am loving right now! But first, the holiday season.  I have my tree up and am in full Christmas spirit by practicing gratitude and am buying small but useful gifts for my friends and family this year because my motto in all areas of life is less is more.

In addition to simplicity, I have the concept of connection running through my mind lately and it 2016 my focus will be this. Simplicity and connection. I will be sure to write more in-depth about them soon. Ultimately I am on the path to clear all the mental and physical clutter in my life while building more purposeful and meaningful connections in my life. I can’t wait to dive into these concepts in a bit more depth.  Ok, Five Friday Favorites, here we go!!

Currently Wearing: Asics and Grandma’s bracelet.

Asics are my go-to shoe for being on my feet all day and instead of putting my grammy’s bracelet in the drawer, I decided to wear it every day. Why not?

IMG_4261 (1)

Currently Moving: Kettlbells

I have been adding Kettlebells back into my routine in small doses. Sometimes I feel like I forget about certain exercises so it is always fun when I remember them, like the windmill shown here. This is a fantastic exercise for shoulder stabilization, glute activation, stretches the waist and hamstrings, and strengthens the core all in a focused control movement.


Currently Eating: Chocolate 

I halted my daily chocolate habit for a month, just to see if I could do it. I didn’t buy the chocolate and therefore did not eat the chocolate. I was proud of my mini self control challenge but am back at it. A piece a day keeps the sadness away. Or something like that. 😉


Currently Thinking: Simplicity

It’s kind of the theme of my intentions right now, in my workouts, with food, organizing around the house. Less is more.


Currently Loving: The Holiday Season

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is when I love to decorate each year because if I am going to put in all the work, I want to a have it up as long as possible. Before turkey day is too early and the week after December 1 is too late. I love the fresh pine as I walk in the house and the warmth and comfort of the lights at night. Plus it brings back lovely feelings of nostalgia.




If you have any favorites you are loving right now, be sure to comment in the Facebook post. Aaaand, start thinking about what your theme will be in 2016 because I am going to be doing a whole series on how to create your theme (not resolution) in the new year!

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