Adele’s Five Friday Favorites

I am starting a new, fun series called Adele’s Five Friday Favorites (AF) because I seriously have so much good information I don’t know what to do with it all.

I love to share all things health, fitness, and mindset and will be doing so every Friday with things I am loving right now. Here we go!


Adele’s Five Friday Favorites 



I picked up this loose fitting alo tank the other day, on sale I might add, and am loving the sheerness, and the cutout on the back. I know it is not perfect for all locations of the country in late November, but for SoCal, it does just fine.


This quote! Those who are most successful, in health and in life, are those who take the most consistent action each and every day, then sit back and let the universe supply the necessary time.  Sometimes we get caught up in the quick fix mentality and get frustrated when we put in all our effort for weeks, even months, and see minimal results. I get it. It doesn’t feel all that motivating. But it is hardest in the beginning and the more you can lean into the process and just stick with it, the steady and slow results will come. Getting impatient and giving up just makes the whole process take longer.




I don’t come across a new favorite protein bar too often but these Oatmega bars are just that. They are made with grass-fed why, are gluten free, high in Omega – 3’s, high in fiber, low in sugar. The chocolate mint is my favorite and I am giving some away as a prize for my FREE workout challenge, 16to16. You can sign up here.




I finished this book at the end of summer but find myself referring back to it quite often. “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”   Our perception is everything when it comes to life, living and challenges. We decide it we will be weakened by challenges and obstacles or grow from them.



Loving this SIP mug from Marshalls. In fact, I also picked up a Trick or Treat and Boo mug for Halloween and have my eye on the Jingle one I have seen floating around Instagram. No better way to start my day with a delicious helping of hot coffee with a little bit of cuteness to go along with it.

See you next week!


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