3 lower body exercises that are harder than they look

Do you ever feel like you need just one new exercise in your routine just to keep it fresh?

I am a self proclaimed program jumper. Mainly because I have such passion for all kinds of movement and activity. I like lifting heavy things, yoga, pilates, metabolic resistance training, body weight training, kettlebells, swimming, hiking, boxing-ish and random sprints on walks with my dog. I want to do it all!

The one thing I cannot deny though is the amount of progress you will see when you keep a detailed program record of what you do, including your exercises, sets, reps, and weights used. I am super proud of myself for dedicating the past three months to a thoughtfully planned out program and instead of just guessing or making up reps and sets as I go, I have it all written down and record what weights I do each week.

I have been focusing on one heavy lift at the beginning of the workout and then have been adding a few of the variations I want to share with you today.

These in particular are not heavy in resistance but always challenge me more than I remember with that “burn” feeling and not to mention my heart rate jumps up enough for me to call it my cardio.

The Bulgarian Split Squat

These are plenty challenging without weight but I have been adding 15 lb dumbbells and it sure does make a difference. I like the BSS because of the increased stretch it puts on the hip flexor, the balance challenge, and how they build single leg stability.


Single Leg Hip Thruster

If the single leg version feels too challenging always start with both feet on the ground and work up to the single leg thrust. This is a great exercise for the glutes and hamstrings and is just one of the many fun variations you cand form a hip thruster.

High step up

The high step up is a great quad and glute developer and again great for single leg stability. It gets the heart rate up even without any additional weights. Always choose form and quality of movement  before adding weights.


Start by adding a 2-3 sets of 10-12 into your workout with any given exercise and let me know how it goes.


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