I know you want it….

…You may just not make it a priority.

Today I want to talk about priorities and choices. 

With no judgement. No wrong or right. No good or bad.

Just acknowledgement and admission of our own choices and the responsibility and outcomes that come with them.


Because your choices are 100% yours and while it is easy to deflect, blame, judge, defend and/or excuse what we do, we still do what we do.

I find choices SO fascinating because what I have realized over the years of training and coaching hundreds of people is that I really don’t doubt the desire for someone to want to get healthier or change their body. I mean we all do in some way.

I know everyone wants to improve their health and has good intentions, but I also know that while intentions, desires and wants are all good and well, it doesn’t always translate into action. Into actually doing the work.

It simply comes down to what you choose to prioritize in your life.

There is no absolute wrong or right. You just get what you put in.

And its tough, because eating and working out can feel overwhelming sometimes. It can feel complicated and time consuming. You just want to feel more in control of you food choices, not give into cravings, make it to the gym, have more energy and just feel healthier in general.

The thing is some weeks, days and even moments health may be higher or lower on the priority list and that is ok. Just remember it’s a choice and its your choice. If you want the outcomes and results of being healthier and changing your body you must find ways to put health towards the front of your list more consistently. 

The new mom with a baby up all night. You better believe her choice is her newborn baby and that is exactly what it should be.

The business owner who’s time may be critical to saving thousands of dollars and affect his livelihood. He is probably not to concerned about carb intake at this point.

The stressed out women who feels she can’t do everything and be everything to everyone all at the same time. She might choose a chore over her workout.

The social butterfly might choose more night of drinking then more days of workouts.

Are any of these wrong? No.

You just get what you put in and the dilemma most of us find ourselves in is that sometimes we let our most important priorities go, for too long, and the negative outcomes get too out of hand.

These decisions are a part of life because you can’t do it all, all the time. And unless you are a professional athlete or a figure competitor, your body is most likely not where you put every hour of focus. You have a job, a family, relationships, social events, and other things that come high on your priority list.

Should your health high on the list? I think so. Your well being depends on a strong healthy body full of physical and mental energy to thrive. It is not a matter of always prioritizing your workout and meals as the number one thing in life, it is a matter of keeping it high on the list.

Even when it falls down on the list you always come  back to it with more ease.  If at times your priorities throw you completely off track, no stress because you are always one choice away from living a healthier life.

So what do you do? How do you prioritize your health?


Create your Daily Nutrition Priorities.

What few things can you do everyday that will help you stay on track. Not big life over hauls, but small habits that you can implement daily. Small things that you enjoy that help you stay consistent and make choices that not only keep you healthy, but (gasp) ones that you actually enjoy. Take time to figure out what works for you.

I prioritize protein at most meals and snacks.

Veggies as often as possible.

Carbs at all meals.

Lots of water.

Taking snacks with me if I know I am going to be out and about for awhile.

These are my automatic eating strategies. Things I do (and prioritize) because I know they work for me. Not because some diet told me to but because I have been paying attention for years and this is what works for me. What are yours?

Conserving Mental and Physical energy

Counting calories, macros, carbs. Resisting treats, temptations and white knuckling your way through the day on broccoli and chicken is not only NOT that satisfying, it is a huge drain on your willpower. And though you may think willpower is the answer to your self control, it is not. Because will power is like your cell phone battery and the more you use it the quicker it drains. It is no wonder nighttime is the hardest time for people to make good decisions. Your willpower is at it weakest because it has been used all day. Once you learn and practice your daily nutrition priorities, you will not have to work quite as hard and your eating will feel more automated. Less thinking, more doing. Used that saved energy to actually put into action what you already know.

Focus on the process

If you have a lofty goal or a difficult challenge when it come to your health, don’t focus on it. Focus on what you need to do to achieve it and then don’t over think think it, just do something that moves you in that direction.

 Take it one week, one day, one hour, one choice at a time. Because once you get the process down, it becomes simple. It requires less energy, and one thing your brain likes for sure is effortless. It likes to do things without thinking to hard whether that is tying your shoe, brushing your teeth or eating a bag of cheeze its. The journey is what it is about. You don’t have to despise your way to good health.

Find workarounds

If you are the type of person who hates exercise or can’t seem to make time to get a workout in. Why not focus on being solid with your nutrition and just workout a time or two a week.

If you love your wine could you cut back on a different meal to enjoy that glass or two.

If you are crushing your workouts but sad in the kitchen could your find some pre made meals or do some meal prep in advance to help you make better choices?

What can you do to help prioritize your health so it flows more seamlessly into your life? So you can actually enjoy the process.

Your journey to simplifying health will not be linear with an exact outcome. There is not one way to lose weight, get healthier, stress less about your body. It is a unique process, a unique journey, and can only be determined and played out by you. So each time you make a choice, accept it as your responsibility, your priority.

You are not too busy, too social, too lazy, too unmotivated, you are simply making at choice at that given moment. A choice that will affect the journey from point A to point B and beyond. It doesn’t have to be extreme and it doesn’t have to be judged, it just is what it is.

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