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how to workout when you just don’t want to

I want to talk about motivation when it comes to exercise and working and I want to start by sharing a personal experience.

Last Sunday I wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to workout. I woke up, had my coffee and breakfast and then around 11:00 a.m. I was hesitant but decided that I was going to go to the gym.

I got dressed and was literally on my way out the door. But then Lulu (my golden furbaby) wagged her tail at me and I cuddled on the couch with her for a bit and I do not know what happened but my motivation went flying out the door.

And even as a fitness professional I get these feelings of not being motivated to workout quite often to be honest.

It is not always the lack of the motivation, it is the mental battle in my head with the positive and negative reasoning.

Just go to the gym. No I don’t want to.

You will feel so much better once you are there. But I don’t want to drive.

Think of the feeling when you are done. But what if I can’t give 100%. It is not even worth it.

Just go. I don’t wanna go.

And you know what I find the most obnoxious with this situation. The ambivalence and indifference in not being able to make a decision. I kinda just felt like I could take it or leave it. Whatever.

I sat on the couch and started playing with my phone and even got a little teary because I just hate it when I create this unnecessary scenario. SO what did I do?

I told myself. You either go the gym or don’t and be ok with either scenario. Guilt, regret and dwelling in my own pity party were not an option.

And then even though I did not want to do, I intentionally fought my feelings in the moment it was hardest and got up and simply walked out the door in a matter of seconds.

If you followed my habit challenge a few weeks ago you know this is the key to habit change. Fighting the habit in the moment it is hardest. Does it always play out like this? No.

Sometimes I stay home, but more often than not I fight the urge to go against what I know will ultimately help me long term. You see motivation is not something that you always have, it is something to create. And the more you intentionally fight habits the greater chance you have at breaking them, but the more you give into them, the better you get at that too!

So the next time you feel your workout motivation wavering here some new mindset and motivation shifts to use and practice.


Think about how you will feel after you are done. Most of the time getting to your workout is the hardest part, but once you there, and once you complete your workout you are so happy you did. Look to your future emotions and feelings to get you motivated. Because isn’t this something you deep down want? To be healthier, leaner, in better shape. Yes it is! I know you want those things so dig deep and keep the bigger picture in mind. Enduring that ambivalent moment where you can’t decide and pushing through is where your success lies.

Find an accountability partner, trainer or coach. Having someone hold you accountable is a huge motivator because being in something together makes it less about you and more about the experience as a whole. It’s not just about you. Find a reason to do it for your family, support your friends, or simply be committed to a greater purpose then simply the way you look or that you just have to exercise. Because doesn’t working out bring greater meaning to your life when you are doing it for your health and longevity, not for your dress size.

Choose an activity that you enjoy or feel comfortable with. Will I tell you that resistance training is the best type of exercise to do to build strength and get results. Yup. But does it trump actually moving and doing something you enjoy or will actually do? No. Exercise you will do is better than none at all. But if you feel uncomfortable weight training, ask yourself why? Are you afraid of failure, are you afraid it will be hard, are you afraid of starting something new? Start small and learn to enjoy the pursuit of something new, something challenging, and something worthwhile. 

Workout at home. Doing an at home workout is one of the quickest way to erase all those excuses in your head. You don’t even have to go anywhere and could do your workouts in your pajamas for all I care. I am confident you can find 15 minutes in the comfort of you own home to do something.

Intentionally fight the urge not do your workout. This is how poor habits are broken. The more you say no to actions that lead you toward your goals, the better you get at it. The more you fight the urge the better you get at it too. Make your decision in seconds and just go. Be ok with whatever you decide.

Change your beliefs. I don’t care what you pre existing beliefs are about you and exercise. I don’t care if you feel lazy, don’t like it or don’t considered yourself a “good exerciser.” Don’t make those statements because that is how your life will play out. Start to proclaim that you want to workout to be healthy, that you go to the gym 3 times a week, that you are motivated to workout and get fit and you would be amazed at what will unfold.

Get comfortable with the fact that this is a life long commitment. Get use to the idea that this is not just something that you are doing this week, month or year. This is something you are doing for life and if you are in it for life, it better be something you can stick too.

 Commit to the process. Do the work. Prove to yourself that you can do tough stuff and that you can push through the tough emotions in life. Because if we always waited until we were motivated to workout, we probably wouldn’t be doing it a whole lot. You don’t need any reason but the simple choice that you can change your direction at any time, in any moment.

How to cultivate a loving perspective with your body

If you are like me, this health and fitness stuff is all good and well but ultimately you just want to move in a way that feels good to your body, eat food you don’t stress over, spend time with people you care about and live your life doing more of the things you want to do and less of the things you do not. This is the reality I have cultivated over the years. But it didn’t always feel this way.

When done right, I truly believe your health and fitness are a catalyst for these things and I am not talking about a certain degree of leanness. I am talking about being able to do the things you want to do and not letting the health of your body or your own irrational fears hold you back.

Because it’s not about changing your body, it is about changing your mindset first and foremost and here is exactly how you can begin to do that.


My motto. Move often. Eat Simply. Live Freely.

Move Often. Ask yourself how you love to move and go do it!

Growing up in an active family sports were never really about “exercise.” They were about being active, healthily, and doing something as a unit, whether that was a team I was on or doing something with the family.

But trying to find movement fun in adulthood? I lost that for awhile.

I had a huge mindset shift a few years ago after experiencing, what I call, my 365 days of back pain. After finally healing, I developed bundles of gratitude simply for my body and what it does. I realized that exercise was about not doing more, but being more efficient in my workouts, in shorter amounts of time and including movement I truly enjoy and that feels good for my body.

But it all started with changing your mindset around movement. It is something that should enhance our lives not take away from it, and it is something we get to do!

How to move and improve your body. If you find you have this negative association with working out or being active I want you to make a list of all the things about why you feel it is negative.

It is too hard. It is something you have to do.

You have had a long day at work.

You don’t know what to do.

You have no one to move with.

Then replace each sentence with a positive outlook. It does not have to be hard. I get to do it. I can go for a walk. Moving makes my body feel good. Repeat your positive outlook over and over until you believe it.

Eat Simply. Oh food, how we spend so much time stressing and criticizing you, while indulging and spending time with you.

Here is the deal. We have to face food every day. The thing is, it does not have to be complicated and we should spend more time enjoying it, then stress or over OR under indulging with it.

So instead of viewing food as this dreaded thing or this excuse that you love food so much and that is why you eat, view food as information for your body.

Pay attention to:

How food makes you feel.

What triggers you to eat and why.

What you do in social settings?

What you enjoy and actually like. And what you don’t enjoy.

Take all this information your body gives you and learn from it.

Does eating fast food make you feel bloated? Do you eat everything on your plate no matter what? Practice leaving a few bites. Is wine something you enjoy? Well, please don’t get rid of it altogether.

The more you deprive yourself the more likely you are to indulge. So instead of this constant battle of restricting and then binging why not try eating mostly healthy and build in a few indulgences throughout the week so you don’t feel the need to overindulge or proclaim anything off limits.


How to eat simply ( with less complication & overwhelm).

For starters, spend less time and energy restricting and more time putting things into action.

Use, what I like to call, sabotage prevention foods. Food that prevent your own self sabotage.

 Ask yourself. What are two things you love to include in your diet? Wine, cookies, peanut butter, a steak, bacon, a banana? Make sure you have a small portion a couple times a week.

Adding these foods in, in small amounts can actually work to prevent you from your own self sabotage, restricting for weeks and then indulging for days. Why?

Because you have been including these things in your diet so there is no need to overindulge and claim it as a cheat meal. This week, try to make your focus eating healthy and strategically place these things in your diet. While at first it can seem like a little bit of work, it will eventually become effortless, and that is the goals right? To make eating feel a little more effortless and a lot less stressful.

Live Freely. It sounds so simple but all we really want to do is just be happy right?  Feel freedom in our lives, comfort in our own skin, and free from stress and negativity.

Here’s the thing. Struggle will always be a part of life and the more we can accept it as that, the less we will have to fight it.

One of my favorite quotes on happiness is by positive psychologist Shawn Achor.

“Happiness is the joy we feel working toward our full potential.”

Happiness is not an arrival or a claim that our lives are perfect all the time. Happiness is a journey and process of growth and as long as we are growing, we are thriving in a sense. In our relationships, in jobs and careers, and in our health.

Being stagnant sends us straight on the path to misery. And maybe not in the moment but eventually if you look back and you are exactly where you were 10 years ago in any area of your life, you may find yourself desiring more. The good news is that it is never to late. You can start right this very minute.

Be a happiness hunter?

Do something. Growth does not have to be this huge concept and is not achieved in one day. Or is it? The beauty of growth is that we can do little, tiny things each and every day to contribute to our well being and personal development.

Learn a new skill.

Read a personal development book and start your day with a fresh perspective.

Try a new exercise in the gym. Add some weight.

Learn a new recipe.

By practicing, learning, and opening up yourself to growth in smaller areas of your life, it will translate to bigger areas in your life.

Practice gratitude. I will leave you with this. The trouble with gratitude is, it works. In any given situation, if you can shine some light and appreciation on where you are and what you have in your life, you are well on your way to living a happier life.  Because there is always beauty and opportunity in each and every day, challenges, and obstacles we face.

what you can learn from a plate of fries

Before fries…Real Quick. 

Next week I am super excited to open enrollment for my 5 Week Healthiest Self Refresh.  I created this because I had a new vision. I want to teach women how to develop an effortless way of healthy living . To free you from the diet cycle of on again, off again. Of restricting then indulging. Of time consuming workouts, then no workouts. Of all or nothing. There is an in between and I want to help you find it. Not by giving you an exact plan, but by helping you create your own way by changing your beliefs and changing your habits so you have the tools you need to move forward that you can use forever. Get on the wait list, or even if you are just curious and want more info, here.


I find lessons in all areas of my life.  Sometimes it is on my walks watching the way my dog reacts to her surrounding, sometimes it is people watching at dinner, sometimes it is with a my plate of fries.

Last month on my vacation to Oregon I was at the airport with a 3 hour layover and grabbed lunch with my sister.  I usually order salads when eating out simply because they fill be up (with plenty of protein and fat thanks to chicken, bacon, cheese and avocado, dressing still on the side, not just lettuce cucumber and tomato) but on that day I was extra hungry and knew I needed something with not only that protein and fat but carbs too!

So I ordered a bacon, turkey sandwich and went to order my usual side salad but they said it was going to be $4.95. And I thought 5 dollars for a side salad which I know will be lettuce and croutons, no thanks. But my other option was fries.


I did eat the entire turkey, bacon sandwich but I managed to leave most of my fries….

And if you have been with me for awhile you know that I do GREAT at sampling fries off my boyfriends plate. Although he kinda messed up my practice because this year he gave up fries for his new years resolution, which is a completely different story, for a completely different blog. Although I will say he has stuck to it like a champ!!

Anyways I have been so good and practicing this but I rarely practice ordering my own fries and moderating them. So within seconds I noted that this would be good *practice* for me to have my own fries and just have a few. I was actually a little bit nervous because what if I ate every single fry off that plate despite not being hungry. Because sometimes self control just goes out the window!!

But you know what? I had to practice, and I did. I ate half a sandwich and had a few fries. And then ate my other half and had a few more. This is not something I have always been good at. I used to eat them all and then I gave into the lazy way of self control. Just avoiding foods I can’t control all together. That way of thinking, while is a good way start, doesn’t really help us practice saying no. It is having to face the food you actually want and say now.

Now I have not always been good at his but I have practiced and practiced over the years and it has paid off!

So then do you know what the fries had me thinking?

How lucky am I? How lucky are we?

How fortunate we are that food is always be available to us?

I think sometimes we get so caught up in the idea that if we don’t have food and have it NOW that it won’t be available to us.

Like if we don’t have it now, we are saying no forever.

And alot of it comes into play because we tend to try to restrict ourselves and end up in this cycle of doing the same thing over and over again. Restrict, binge, guilt repeat.

But what if you changed your thought process and started to become more aware. Just because I don’t have dessert or wine tonight doesn’t mean I can’t have it tomorrow night. Just because I pass on food now doesn’t mean I can’t have it next week. Just because Girl Scout cookies are for sale now doesn’t mean I can’t get them next year when they are on sale.

How can you change? Start by using what I call my AAA formula.  

For every change you need an:

Affirmation + Approach + Action

You absolutely need to have the belief that you can change your ways. You need to have an approach (knowledge, desire, know how).  And you need to actually do it. When you are missing a link, nothing gets accomplished.

Once you change your belief that you don’t have to eat everything in sight, you need to learn how to apply it and practice it. And this is the strategy I will share with you today.

Practice saying no to food on occasion, when you are not truly hungry. Many times we eat food because it is circumstantial. Your co-worker brought in cookies, so you have one. Costco is giving out samples so of course you take them. It is a holiday, so you indulge. You have dinner at your moms so you clean your plate. You are at the movies so you need popcorn. The truth is, you do not need to do any of these things, unless you want them. Start to pay attention to when and why you eat, and if it is just because of the circumstance gently remind yourself that you do not have to. You can have the same foods tomorrow if you truly wish. Food will always be available to you. 

Because practice makes progress! And progress is what we want and need for growth! Next time you have the opportunity practice. You may eat it all the first ten or twenty times. But if you stick with it, you will get better. The only way you can’t improve is if you give up.

Again be sure to get on the wait list for my 5 Week Healthiest Self Refresh program. Because the answer is not to eat less and less and to work out more and more. The answer lies in your Affirmation + Approach + Action!

Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter, Protein Brownies

Over the years I have adjusted my tastebuds to craving less salt and less sweetness in my foods. For example my Starbucks visits transformed from grande, white chocolate mocha frapps, to the same thing with only two pumps of sugar, then one pump of sugar, and now I drink coffee with milk and a little bit of sweetener if I feel like it. The best part is, those sugary drinks do not taste good to me anymore.

And while these brownies will not replace a decadent fudge brownie, they do a good job at satisfying my chocolate needs, provide to be a convenient snack and give me some extra protein in my diet. Enjoy!!

  • 1 can of Libby’s Pumpkin Puree
  • 3 TBSP of peanut butter
  • 3/4 cup of cocoa powder
  • 1/2 cup of vanilla or chocolate protein powder
  • 1/2 cup of liquid egg whites
  • 1/2 cup or almond milk
  • 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips or more 🙂
  1. Combine all ingredients together except for chocolate and blend.
  2. Transfer to a sprayed baking pan.
  3. Bake at 340 for 35-40 minutes until batter is mostly cooked and slightly gooey.
  4. “Massage” chocolate chips (and extra peanut butter if desired) over the surface, letting it melt.
  5. Let them cool, cut into brownies and enjoy!



Is self love keeping you unhealthy?

For years all I wanted  was for someone to tell me, “Adele your body is ok exactly the way it is.” I think in my quest for the perfect body, I was seeking some sort of outward acceptance that I was ok. Ironically I did have it from friends and family, without even asking for it. But they were suppose to tell me that I am ok just the way I am. So it didn’t count, right?

And as long as I was killing myself in the gym and restricting my food in the kitchen, I was good. Because I was working towards a better me (so I thought) the only way I knew how to do it. And if I had that body that others could love, I too could love myself.


I couldn’t be content because being content somehow indicated that I wasn’t doing enough. Somehow loving myself meant that I didn’t want to get better improve or grow and that I was just satisfied with what I had and wouldn’t be motivated to try anymore.

What I have learned over the years is it is possible to love yourself and get better at the same time. You don’t have to hate your way to success and self love does not indicate giving up.

But what about when it does?

With the self love phenomena exploding, to love your self in any shape or size, my heart is happy. But too often I see people using this concept of self love without one crucial component. Responsibility. And I get it. Because I use to feel that loving myself and accepting myself meant leaving responsibility behind. But it doesn’t. It means taking MORE responsibility in your life and your choices.

And I’m talking crazy responsibility. 

I see self acceptance being used in form of excuses and as justification that because we are good enough right where we are, we don’t need to work to improve. And while I believe in this moment we are perfect exactly where we are, and as we are, I also believe that is not an excuse to not grow, improve or get better, in this case with our health.

Because accepting yourself in your current state does not have to be the same as resignation, giving up, or not working towards where you want to be. Loving your curves does not mean you can’t strive to be healthy. Loving what is given to you does not mean that you can’t make good food choices. And loving yourself doesn’t mean your journey ends here. You just do your best and try not to be attached to the outcome.


Self love is not an excuse for why you can’t do more. And there is actually a place for this perspective.

It’s called active acceptance.

Active acceptance says that you don’t have to hate yourself to reach your goals. It says that you don’t have to give up either. You can improve, grow, learn and get better while loving and appreciating your body and everything it does for you.Because the idea that you can only love yourself or be happy when you reach a certain point is insane. You can and should love yourself right in this very moment, no matter what.

It is possible to be content and at peace with your body but not satisfied. Because a healthy body is not an ultimate goal. It is not like running a marathon. You don’t get to cross the line and get to be done. You have to constantly work at it, for life.

And by taking responsibility, we GET to create a journey of health and well being. We may not always have control and we will most definitely go with the ebb and flow of life and be in phases of working out more or less, our appetite will change, our bodies will change, days with change, goals will change and that is all ok.

Just don’t give up your power.

Often we blame, judge and excuse what we do.  We fight with the reality of our situation and claim we have no control over it. And I get it, I’ve done it before. But guess what? It takes away our power to cultivate healthier habits and make progress and puts the work out of our hands.

Its just the way I am.

My body will never change.

It’s too hard.

I have tried it before.

Telling yourself this story keeps you caught in this story. And any story where we limit ourselves is detrimental to our emotional and physical health. The beauty is we can change our story!

Yes, we can change our story!

I have potential.

I can love myself and still want to make change.

It can be hard.

It is a journey that I am embracing.

Somethings are in our control and something our not, but our responsibility lies in our efforts, not the outcomes.

Stressing over macro nutrients and calories. Avoiding favorite foods. Exercising yourself into the ground. This isn’t healthy.But neither is skipping exercise or movement. Neither is making poor choices just because we give into accepting our health or current condition the way it is.

Accept your body right now as it is, in it’s shape and size and self perceived imperfections, but nurture it, take care of it and appreciate it for what it does. Love your body but don’t let your love be an excuse to not take care of it.





Taking your workouts from good to great

Even as a trainer, I got into the bad habit of just showing up at the gym for my own workouts, wandering around, selecting weight off the top of my head and doing the same exercises over and over again.

And if I wasn’t feeling motivated, forget it! (And to be honest even though I do my workouts I am usually not motivated half the time). I was spending more energy thinking about what to do and less energy actually doing it.

When it comes to taking your workouts from good to great, and in turn taking your results from good to great, planning  your workouts and tracking your progress is key in your success.


Because while goals are great…..

The goal in itself doesn’t take into account the work it actually does to get there.

Setting goals is all good and well but if you don’t have the appropriate steps in line you will not as much progress as you would like, or it will simply take a whole lot longer.  And this can lead to the cycle of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

So ask yourself right now…

Do you track your workouts? Not in your head but actually write down your exercises, reps sets and weight before?

What exercises do you select and why do you select them? For what purpose?

How do you pair them together and why?

Are you struggling, breathless, fatigued, challenged or grimacing by the last rep?

Is your  overall plan tailored specifically to your goals?

So while I am sure you already have a goal or know where you want to be (if not set it here right now), do you have the steps it will take to get there, right now talking strictly in terms of workouts?

How to track.

Create a workout log. You can type it up, record it in your phone or do what I am doing right now. Writing in a cute journal I got from Target, old school style. Write down your exercises, the number of sets and reps you do etc.

Select your goal. Are you trying to lose fat, build muscle, gain strength or  just want to train for general health?

Select your exercises. What exercises are you choosing and why? Look, all these goals overlap in some way but if you are trying to gain strength your workout is going to be way different is your goal is simply to lose fat. You may lose fat while getting stronger, and you will probably get stronger while losing fat, but there is a method for each form of madness.

If you have no idea where to start pick any exercise that targets each body part and perform it in circuit style.


4 rounds of 10-12 reps each


Reps & sets.

It is too detailed to go into all the reps for each goal but a general guideline for general health, maintenance and/or fat loss, is to shoot for 10-12 reps for 3-4 rounds depending on your time, goals and the workout.

Weight Selection.

Ok this part is crucial. You must challenge yourself and this is the perfect way to set a personal record in each workout.

If you are shooting for the 10-12 rep range, ask yourself if you could do 5 more. If the answer is yes, the weight is too light. If you can’t make 10 the weight is too heavy (unless you are training for strength, power lifting, etc).

Don’t get caught up in having to end on exactly 10 or 12, just shoot for that range. If it is a struggle to rep out the last couple, you are golden!

Why measure progress?

If you want to get in decent shape you can show up and do what you want for your workouts, but if you want to get into great shape AND speed up the process,you need to track where you are each workout so you can improve on the next instead of simply guessing or doing what you feel like doing that day.

Tracking ensures that you get the most out of each workout. Though we think we can, it is hard to remember if we did a certain exercise, at what weight, for how many reps.

Tracking progress builds confidence, accountability and helps determine when it is time to add weight or change up our workouts.

How do I know if I am making progress?

Measurements. Measure trouble spots, usually around the hips (the biggest part of the butt) and around the biggest part of the stomach.

I also encourage you to measure the non tangibles, like energy and mood. How did you feel starting this program? Unmotivated? How do you feel after? Stronger or more accomplished? These measurements are just as valuable.

Scale. I am not a huge fan of using the scale but know it  can be motivating for some people. In the big picture use the scale as a guide but don’t stress over it. Day to day it may not matter a whole lot as you can gain weight because of extra sodium and lose weight because you had to much wine the night before and are dehydrated. I recommend weighing yourself one time each week first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything.

Pictures. Take pictures and no one has to see them but you! Sometimes the before can be eye opening and show you where you really are, not where you think you are. And often times looking back on pics you will realize you made more progress than you think you have.

Clothes. Try on a pair of jeans and every couple weeks try them on and note your progress.

In the end if you you feel good about your workouts and are seeing results and don’ want to track no biggie. BUT if you want to take your workouts from good to great and speed up the process, give tracking a try. Though it may seem over whelming, view this whole process as an interesting project that you are so lucky as to be able to work on.


I know you want it….

…You may just not make it a priority.

Today I want to talk about priorities and choices. 

With no judgement. No wrong or right. No good or bad.

Just acknowledgement and admission of our own choices and the responsibility and outcomes that come with them.


Because your choices are 100% yours and while it is easy to deflect, blame, judge, defend and/or excuse what we do, we still do what we do.

I find choices SO fascinating because what I have realized over the years of training and coaching hundreds of people is that I really don’t doubt the desire for someone to want to get healthier or change their body. I mean we all do in some way.

I know everyone wants to improve their health and has good intentions, but I also know that while intentions, desires and wants are all good and well, it doesn’t always translate into action. Into actually doing the work.

It simply comes down to what you choose to prioritize in your life.

There is no absolute wrong or right. You just get what you put in.

And its tough, because eating and working out can feel overwhelming sometimes. It can feel complicated and time consuming. You just want to feel more in control of you food choices, not give into cravings, make it to the gym, have more energy and just feel healthier in general.

The thing is some weeks, days and even moments health may be higher or lower on the priority list and that is ok. Just remember it’s a choice and its your choice. If you want the outcomes and results of being healthier and changing your body you must find ways to put health towards the front of your list more consistently. 

The new mom with a baby up all night. You better believe her choice is her newborn baby and that is exactly what it should be.

The business owner who’s time may be critical to saving thousands of dollars and affect his livelihood. He is probably not to concerned about carb intake at this point.

The stressed out women who feels she can’t do everything and be everything to everyone all at the same time. She might choose a chore over her workout.

The social butterfly might choose more night of drinking then more days of workouts.

Are any of these wrong? No.

You just get what you put in and the dilemma most of us find ourselves in is that sometimes we let our most important priorities go, for too long, and the negative outcomes get too out of hand.

These decisions are a part of life because you can’t do it all, all the time. And unless you are a professional athlete or a figure competitor, your body is most likely not where you put every hour of focus. You have a job, a family, relationships, social events, and other things that come high on your priority list.

Should your health high on the list? I think so. Your well being depends on a strong healthy body full of physical and mental energy to thrive. It is not a matter of always prioritizing your workout and meals as the number one thing in life, it is a matter of keeping it high on the list.

Even when it falls down on the list you always come  back to it with more ease.  If at times your priorities throw you completely off track, no stress because you are always one choice away from living a healthier life.

So what do you do? How do you prioritize your health?


Create your Daily Nutrition Priorities.

What few things can you do everyday that will help you stay on track. Not big life over hauls, but small habits that you can implement daily. Small things that you enjoy that help you stay consistent and make choices that not only keep you healthy, but (gasp) ones that you actually enjoy. Take time to figure out what works for you.

I prioritize protein at most meals and snacks.

Veggies as often as possible.

Carbs at all meals.

Lots of water.

Taking snacks with me if I know I am going to be out and about for awhile.

These are my automatic eating strategies. Things I do (and prioritize) because I know they work for me. Not because some diet told me to but because I have been paying attention for years and this is what works for me. What are yours?

Conserving Mental and Physical energy

Counting calories, macros, carbs. Resisting treats, temptations and white knuckling your way through the day on broccoli and chicken is not only NOT that satisfying, it is a huge drain on your willpower. And though you may think willpower is the answer to your self control, it is not. Because will power is like your cell phone battery and the more you use it the quicker it drains. It is no wonder nighttime is the hardest time for people to make good decisions. Your willpower is at it weakest because it has been used all day. Once you learn and practice your daily nutrition priorities, you will not have to work quite as hard and your eating will feel more automated. Less thinking, more doing. Used that saved energy to actually put into action what you already know.

Focus on the process

If you have a lofty goal or a difficult challenge when it come to your health, don’t focus on it. Focus on what you need to do to achieve it and then don’t over think think it, just do something that moves you in that direction.

 Take it one week, one day, one hour, one choice at a time. Because once you get the process down, it becomes simple. It requires less energy, and one thing your brain likes for sure is effortless. It likes to do things without thinking to hard whether that is tying your shoe, brushing your teeth or eating a bag of cheeze its. The journey is what it is about. You don’t have to despise your way to good health.

Find workarounds

If you are the type of person who hates exercise or can’t seem to make time to get a workout in. Why not focus on being solid with your nutrition and just workout a time or two a week.

If you love your wine could you cut back on a different meal to enjoy that glass or two.

If you are crushing your workouts but sad in the kitchen could your find some pre made meals or do some meal prep in advance to help you make better choices?

What can you do to help prioritize your health so it flows more seamlessly into your life? So you can actually enjoy the process.

Your journey to simplifying health will not be linear with an exact outcome. There is not one way to lose weight, get healthier, stress less about your body. It is a unique process, a unique journey, and can only be determined and played out by you. So each time you make a choice, accept it as your responsibility, your priority.

You are not too busy, too social, too lazy, too unmotivated, you are simply making at choice at that given moment. A choice that will affect the journey from point A to point B and beyond. It doesn’t have to be extreme and it doesn’t have to be judged, it just is what it is.