Why I weigh more than you think (and why you do too)

I am going to break the news gently to you, that you weigh more than you think you do. But it is ok, I do too.

I am not implying that muscle weighs more than fat here.

I am saying my worth is more than just a number on the scale.

And yours is too.

Decide right now the number on the scale does not define who you are a friend, a spouse, a parent or a person.

Decide right now that because of this you will, not only accept yourself for who you are and what your body is in its current state, but also work towards your highest potential.

Decide to treat your body with some love and respect so that it can provide the healthiest home possible for you.

And this is why I chose to focus on living healthy rather than simply changing my body. Before I dive in deeper, my absolutely FREE and 100% inspirational 15 Day Healthy Habits Challenge start this Sunday, and I can’t wait to join together with other women to focus more on health and less on looking a certain way.

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Accepting yourself is not giving up. The outcome will still be the same.

Love your body now while working towards what you want. What a concept? You don’t have to hate your way to success.  You don’t need to be miserable along journey to health. This if/then story that you tell yourself gets you all caught up in thinking that you will be happy “when.” When you have more money, when you lose weight, when your spouse is less stressed, when your job gets better.  But the truth is your happiness is not always tied to these circumstances.

Happiness and joy is how we choose to perceive the world day in, day out, when things are going great and when things are not going so good. When we get a new job and while we are in the same one. When we lose weight and while we are working towards it.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to change or improve as long as it comes from a place of knowing your are worth it right now. You can blame and judge yourself along the way to losing 20 pounds or you can love and appreciate yourself along the way. The outcome will still be the same.

Weigh your worth on more than your appearance.

Be perfect, in your own sense, not the in the perception of others.

Sometimes I think we weigh our worth on our good hair day, the cute dress we show up to an event in, the cleanliness of the house, the firmness of our legs, or the few pounds lost. I mean when these things are happening, we feel great, we feel worthy.

But when we show up not feeling put together, our house is a mess, the scale goes up, the less than ideal body, we feel unworthy. We feel shameful and not good enough. These are just examples and you could swap out for anything outward that you translates to inward value. But the thing is, it is all based on perception.

In the book The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown, she talks about the perception of perfectionism. “Perfectionism is the belief that if we live perfect, look perfect, and act perfect, we can minimize or avoid the pain of blame, judgement and shame.”

While these are all emotions of the human experience, we can minimize them by focusing more on our authentic self and less on how it determines our worth.

When does the way you look not matter to you?

Perception is everything and this is one of my favorite tools, thanks to my moms constant reminder growing up, to put things in perspective.

When does the way you look NOT matter to you?

When you are fully engaged in an awesome conversation?

When you are in the middle of from the gut laughter?

When you are getting down on the dance floor?

Working on a skill or creative project?

Consumed in meaningful work?

Watching your child take their first steps?

When I talk human experience, this is what I am talking about. The experience of meaning. The experience of connection. The experience of play. When you can focus more on these things in life, it takes less of how you look. I love these moments and I live for these moments. In these moments I could care less about how my body looks and I love that.

So instead of focusing SO much on body change focus more on healthiness change. Because you deserve the healthiest body possible!

Sometimes you just need a little boost so be sure to check out the 15 Day Healthy Habits Challenge!


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