What to do when you know what to do but just do not do it

Do you over-know and under-perform?

In other words, do you spend more time researching and gathering information than actually implementing and applying it?

I have learned one thing for sure. When you have the knowledge, doing > knowing. Because while desire, knowledge, and intention are valuable, they do translate to success without action.

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I tried for years and years to make healthy eating and fitness feel effortless. Not to stress about it. Not to let it consume my life. To put into practice what works for me. But I got caught up in the clutter of information overload.

I was always researching the next best thing. I had the knowledge. I had the drive but I could never manage to implement a way of effortless healthy living because I wasn’t really applying anything, for that long anyways. I was simply being an information seeker.

My story looked something like this.

The Clean Eating Diet. What do I eat? What do I avoid?

Oh that new cookbook of low carb meals? Look at all the pretty pictures.

Ah what workout does that fitness model do? It looks really good on paper!

Paleo. Look how healthy all the meals look. I could do that. I really like bread and oatmeal but I think I could give it up.

Bodybuilding? I like lifting weights.

Some of these plans I would actually attempt and follow for some time. I would start off really excited, making my grocery list, planning my meals and workouts and feeling super motivated to finally get on the “right” plan. But at some point my motivation would wain and I would fall off my latest mission. I didn’t get it. What was stoping me from doing what I already know? What was stoping me from what was laid out right in front of me, telling me EXACTLY what to do?

I found the  missing links and it all started with the way I was thinking, the approach I was using and the action I was not taking. And that is exactly how I developed my 3 part approach. 

Be careful of your thoughts, for your

Affirmation + approach + action = results/success/change

Your life will unfold based on how you choose to think.

Maybe you don’t really want it. But I think you do. I know you do.

Though you must change the way you think and you must believe that you are capable in this journey. Even if you feel you have tried everything. If if you feel like there is no hope. Even if it feels challenging.

If you believe it really hard, it will continue to be hard.

If you believe you have not self control, you will continue to have no self control.

If you believe your sweet tooth is your downfall, it will continue to be your downfall.

If you read this article and think that what I am telling you will never work, then you are right, it probably won’t.

Wherever you area in your journey, start fresh. Believe that you will succeed because every road to success begins with a thought, a belief, an affirmation of what is possible. If you don’t have an affirmation ingrained within your soul, chances are you will not apply what you actually know. Because you simply do not believe it.

So decide what you want and say it out loud. Write it down. Repeat it over and over and over. It might feel a little awkward and ridiculous at first and you may even laugh about it. But the more and more you say come back to it, the more likely the scenario will unfold. Create whatever statement suits you.

I believe I can reach my goals by doing small things every day to improve my health.  I am capable. 

The direction you head will be based on the belief you choose, so choose wisely.

Is the old way really working anyways? 

Once you have your affirmation set and your mindset in check, you need to find the right approach that works for you. So is information important? It sure is! But too often I find that people are using the wrong approach. Not in the sense of what to eat or not to eat but in trying to do everything all at once. This is tough because it utilizes all your mental energy and you are left exhausted fighting willpower until it fails and then your poor habits take over.

But remember, something is better than nothing. And you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent and honest with yourself about what is and is not working. When was the last time you thought about getting in great shape and said “You know what? I am going to focus on just 1 habit to work on.” 

This type of approach is not very exciting and it may not drive that initial motivation like a complete overall attempt at a transformation. Chances are though, the previous approaches probably did not work. And if they did it was for a very short time only. So start by choosing ONE habit to focus on.

Start so small there is no way that you can’t not succeed.

The key is to make your NEW habit so ridiculously easy that there is not way you cannot succeed.  You should roll your eyes at the habits I suggest at how easy they seem.

Take a multi vitamin everyday.

Get 5 minutes of activity in.

Eat one serving of vegetables each day.

Don’t think for a second that this will not contribute to your success. That is the only way you can fail at this. So right now say out loud one habit you want to improve on.

Where do you struggle most? And breakdown that habit into one doable step that you can implement consistently. Once you implement that habit so effortlessly you don’t even have to think about it, you can build on that habit, or move on to the next. This is sooo important because it help converse your mental energy. Trying to do everything breaks your willpower and leaves you exhausted fighting your body on what choice to make so you just give in.

Food and fitness should enhance your life, not take away from it.

And remember the Healthy Habits Challenge starts August 9th!

Start small, be accountable and reach your healthiest potential!

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