What I eat everyday

You know how when you read a magazine and it details what a certain celebrity, model or athlete eats everyday? I can’t ever remember reading what that person ate when they were out partying or at their friends birthday party or grabbing appetizers during happy hour. It is usually what they typically eat on their “ideal” day. Probably emphasized a little bit to impress you too!

So while I am giving you what I eat on a typical day, remember this is what I eat on a daily basis, and I will adjust accordingly for holidays, birthday parties and social gatherings.

One key factor. I like the way I eat. The foods I choose taste good to me. I don’t dread them and if I am having a chicken and vegetable aversion (which I do from time to time) I simply choose something else. But I find I tend to eat very similar foods on a day to day basis and change it up on days when those foods just are not my jam.

But first coffee. I love my everyday ritual of a cup of coffee with cinnamon and almond milk.


Don’t be afraid to stick with what works, if you enjoy it. My breakfast is almost always the same. If it is not some sort of eggs/veggie scramble and toast or potatoes, it is oatmeal, egg whites, peanut butter and some sort of fruit.


I do a lot of meals in a bowl. For my lunch, to take to work, I often have sweet potatoes and or rice, roasted brussels sprouts or some sort of vegetable and some type of protein (chicken, ground turkey, lean ground beef). Just mix, season, and enjoy.



For dinner I usually make a big chopped salad with cabbage, spinach, onions, peppers, mushrooms, whatever I have on hand. Then I will add chicken, rice and avocado on top. Depending on the flavor I might add a smidgen of BBQ sauce and tortillas strips or a bit of cheese or slivered almonds. Just depends on the combo.



I used to always skip or delay my post workout meal but I now realize that it is one of my most important meals of the day, if I workout. It help replenish my needs and recover my body. It is now a must!  I usually use some type of protein powder, almond milk,  spinach, frozen cherries and/or a banana, and cocoa powder.


One of the biggest keys for me is to keep it convenient, food prep to  a minimum and have my food be enjoyable. Along with these pictures are most likely a few extra bites of food, perhaps a swig of juice, a piece of dark chocolate, maybe an additional piece of fruit and a few bites of my mans food. 🙂


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