Is comparison hurting your motivation?

The magazine models, the friend on a enticing new detox, the co worker who is losing weight, the Instagram feed of hot bodies and perfect looking meals, the transformation Tuesday picture.

I bet at one time or another we all have turned to someone else or some new diet to motivate us to reach our goals. And that is fine because seeing others reach success is highly encouraging and can give us hope for our future. I have done it all. Quick fixes, pin ups of fashion models, trying what someone else is trying. But the question I urge you to ask yourself is this.

Does it give you enough motivation to actually change your habits or is it just a distraction and an excuse to really take the time and effort to figure out what works for for you?

Do these things actually change our behavior and habits? Not necessarily. For the longest time I wanted a super flat stomach, with maybe a hint of six pack abs. I would whine and complain about how I had to eat too strict to achieve that look and would silently curse my body for being the way it is. I would look at pictures of girls in magazine, CrossFit athletes on Instagram and see friends who stomaches were just naturally flatter.

One day I was asked, “Isn’t knowing that you  could look that way motivating enough?”

And I was surprised with my answer. “No, its not enough.”

Because when it comes down to it I have realized that working towards my ideal body is not about looking a certain way (well it is partially), it is about feeling good in my own skin and liking what I see in the mirror.  Because I do workout often and I am conscious about eating healthy. And if this is the body I am given from doing those things, then this is the body I want to love and appreciate.

My point being that comparing myself to fitness models or someone getting results on the latest diet doesn’t really motivate me. It actually leads to more discontent and self criticism and causes me to focus more on what someone else is doing and what works for them, than what actually works for me.  It doesn’t really change my behavior. And it may for some but I want you to simply to starting paying attention for yourself. Is using others as inspiration actually changing your behaviors or do you need to dig deep and find see what instinctually motivates you?

Today’s blog is going to be a little different. It is going to be less about me writing and sharing and more self discovery about you. I am going to leave you with some questions you can ask yourself about how you can figure out your, own, unique path of health and wellness.

In order to find out what works for you, answer the following questions. If you are really serious about changing your habits actually write down the answers to your questions instead of just reading over them.

Define who I want to be. Confident? Proud?

Define what I want my body to be. Lean? Healthy? Strong?

What kind of habits do I need to develop to be that person? Snack less? Get in your workouts?

What habits do I currently have that are holding me back? Skipping workouts? Justifying your food choices?

What has worked in the past for me?

What has NOT worked in the past for me?

What is one thing I can do to change my habits right now? Choose something, even if it seems in significant. Drink more water, move 5 minutes a day, eat one more vegetable today then you did yesterday.

Answer these questions and let the information you receive from them help guide the way. Remember, you don’t need to look at the entire picture. Just the next choice you are going to make. Week to week, day to day, meal to meal, moment to moment.

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