Loving Lulu: 10 reasons dogs make your life better

Happy 4th birthday Lulu!


I can’t blog fitness, eating, health, relationships, and not dedicate at least a few to my precious fur baby Lulu.  She does get mentioned quite often as one of the cutest creatures you ever did see, and is infamous for making it difficult for me to leisure walk, as it is simply too exciting of adventures, not to check out everything in sight.

Lulu and I have had quite an adventure together and believe it or not we have lived in 4 different places in two years. She has happily accompanied me from place to place, always excited for the next adventure. I did not always like dogs, (I love last years birthday post you can check out here) but I have grown to love them and believe that they make your life better for so many reasons.

1. They take part in your joy and happiness.









2. They like to get outside, be active, and move.







3. The go with the flow.







4. They are good company and companionship.









5.They like to cuddle.









6. They know when things are not going well.









7. They want to help make it better. “Hey mom, if you could just let me on the bed, I can comfort you.”









8. They believe in rest and recovery.










9. They show unconditional love.








10. Every day is the best day!

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