The Most Annoying Answers To Your Food Questions

There is SO much conflicting information out there regarding nutrition and I want you to start asking yourself QUESTIONS to ANSWER your QUESTIONS. We are told what foods we should or shouldn’t eat, what diet we should or shouldn’t do and what food rules we should or shouldn’t follow.

Here are a few real life questions from friends or clients I have gotten this week and a few real life “annoying” questions (not answers) I have given them.

Question:  What should I eat for breakfast?

Response: What do you like to eat for breakfast?


Question:  Can I eat past 8 p.m. ?

Response: Are you starving past 8 p.m.? What have did you eat that day?


Question: Should I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day or should I eat 6-8 small meals?

Response: What does your schedule allow? Do you like smaller meals or are you able to control your hunger better with 3 large meals?


Question: Should I eat gluten or dairy?

Response: Have you been diagnosed with a intolerance?  Have you noticed reactive symptoms to either or these?


Question: Do I have to give up wine if I want to see results?

Response: What are your goals? How much wine to you currently consume?


Do you see a pattern here? We want black and white answers. We want someone to tell us yes or no. We want someone to tell us foods are good and bad. We research online, ask our trainer, and ask our friends for advice. Then we get that advice and do nothing with it. We are information collectors rather them information applicators. The truth is food, nutrition and intake are highly dependent on each individual, their lifestyle, their preferences and their goals.

Ultimately if you really feel you need guidance on food choices, by all means ask. But before you do, ask yourself how much you know and if you have applied what you know. If you find yourself seeking information I want you to turn to the best possible source for the answer first, yourself.

1. Ask yourself the why. Why do I want to know what to eat for breakfast? Am I feeling hungry mid morning?  Am I not seeing results?

2. Ask yourself the how. How can I make this change to best suit my lifestyle? What do I like to eat for breakfast? Bacon? Oatmeal? Fruit?

3. Ask yourself what do you already know. Should I eat 2 pastries and a grande white chocolate mocha for breakfast? Would this make me feel energized and healthy? Will this help me reach my goals? Have I been feeling healthy and productive in my eating and workouts and this is just something I want to enjoy right now? (Hint, the last one is not a trick.)

Self intuition, self reflection and common sense can be just as valuable as the science behind the food. Choose foods that make you feel good, choose foods that make you truly happy and choose foods that help you maintain your physique or reach your goals.




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