How Fitness Can Make You More Resilient in Life Part 2

Last week I posted  how fitness can translate to resiliency in life, reenforcing  mental strength and help you overcome everyday challenges and struggles. I linked it below in case you missed it. 🙂

As I re read my last blog and contemplated this one, I was drawn to connection of not just fitness to life, but life to fitness as well. That fitness can make you more resilient in life and life can make you more resilient in fitness. It works both ways. 🙂

I touched on two points in part 1.

1. Fitness helps you face discomfort straight in the face and in turn helps you get through uncomfortable times in life.  We can avoid them, cave in to them or face them straight on. Whether it’s a workout or life struggle, you got this!

2. It helps you develop good problem solving skills. Fitness is not black and white. It requires a little trial and error and a little problem solving. And isn’t that what life forces a us to do? To live and learn?

Today I want to share with you the remaining components on how fitness can strengthen, in more ways than just the physical. Individuals who are successful in the fitness realm, and more resilient in life,  are more likely to do the following.

1. Seek help.

Just like life we cant go at it alone. Having someone to guide you in your struggles can be essential to getting results, creating knowledge, motivation and accountability. This can come in forms of a trainer, a coach or a friend.

Ask yourself: Do you have a specific fitness plan?

Do you know how many days a week to work out and for how often?

Do you know what kind of nutritional guidelines work best for you or do you struggle with it?

Do you know what exercises to pair together to create the most efficient and effective plan?

Sometimes we need that guidance from, simply, someone who knows it better or someone who can help support us, when it may be hard to support ourselves.

2. Believe that they have the ability to make decisions that will help them cope with their everyday struggles, or when it comes to fitness, nutrition, workouts and/or time management.


This is HUGE! If fat loss is your goal, BELIEVE that you have the power within in you to lose fat and become healthier. If you want to become stronger or run faster BELIEVE that even though it will be tough you have it within you to to do it! You are able to set goals and you are able to make decisions to help achieve those goals. YOU CAN DO THIS! Repeat that to yourself often. Have some hope and believe in your own abilities.

Ask yourself:

Do I believe I can achieve my goals?

What is stopping me from achieving my goals?

Repeat to yourself: I believe in me. I am worth it. While it may not be easy, it is possible.

3. Have social support and connect with others.

One of the biggest reasons I see online coaching, CrossFit boxes and small group trainings classes succeed is because of the resilient community spirit built within all these realms. I have participated in all three at various times in the past couple years and I LOVE it! As a trainer I also get to see this from an outside perspective looking in, and let me tell you it is amazing! People who don’t even know each other cheering each other on in CrossFit WOD’s, people sharing their deepest fears in online groups and being met with love and acceptance and quick words of encouragement  from a fellow classmate to keep pushing in your workout. I personally love the mental strength I experience  myself and the support and encouragement from others.  Social support is crucial to our well being and to our workouts.

Ask yourself:

Do I enjoy working out alone?

Is it beneficial to me?

Is there a way I can join some sort of community to help create support, accountability and motivation, as that is half the battle isn’t it?

All in all creating resiliency in fitness can translate to helping us overcome adversity in life, and the adversity we face in life can strengthen our mindset, that when it comes to our bodies and health, anything is possible.

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”― Nelson Mandela

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