The Best Core Exercise You Never Thought Of And My Weekend At A Glance

I woke up this weekend and immediately stretched, extending my arms overhead into a slight backbend and whoa was I sooooore as can be through my abdominal region. I am hardly ever sore through the front part of my core and had not done one abdominal exercise all week. The only thing I did differently was a set of two unassisted pull ups and I knew right away that was it. As much as a surprise it was in the moment, it was really not much of a surprise as I know how much effort a pull up takes throughout the whole body.

Lesson shared here. The best ways to work your core are not only core specific exercises but bodyweight exercises such as pull ups,  push ups and lifting heavier weights. Whether you feel it or not, whether your core is sore or not, you are working it!


Love me some pull ups!

And my weekend at a glance…..


A visit from Mom, made my weekend.


Fish tacos from Eureka Burger on Friday night.


A farmers market excursion on Sunday morning with my mom. She “captured the moment” in this shot.


The best berries you ever did taste from the famers market.


A post workout selfie to show my sister I’m rocking the tank she bought me. “She is strong.”

Sometimes you just need a low key weekend to catch up in life and that is exactly what my weekend was. 🙂

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