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How Often Do You Need to Work Out?

One of the questions I get most often from people is, “How often do I need to workout to reach my goals?” I think there is a misconception that in order to reach your goals, you need to workout 6 days a week, hours on end, for an extended period of time.

I truly feel the answer to that question highly depends on your lifestyle and goals. No one really likes that answer as it doesn’t specifically answer anyones question. But it is true, it does depend on several different factors. However a good starting point is to workout with some type of weights and cardio, or a weight routine that gets your heart rate up, three days a week. However consider the following.

Do you have a significant amount of weight to lose? You may need to add in activity a couple more days a week.

Do you have 5 hours a week to workout? Or do you have 2 hours a week to workout?  Consider that you may just have to start with three days, 30-45 minutes a workout. Try working out 2-3 times a week and see how you feel and look after a months time. Adjust from there.

Do you want to see results quicker or are you trying to maintain? Adding in an extra day a week can help speed results.

Do you enjoy working out at all? If you do you may want to workout 5 days a week. If not, the standard 3 WILL get you to your goals if you have you nutrition on track.


Additional considerations.

Move most days of the week. Be as active as possible. If you drive to work, sit at a desk all day and then come home from work to sit on the couch, it is going to be impossible to improve your health and fitness. Even stretch breaks or short walks throughout the day can help improve your health.

Have fun with your fitness! I love to workout but I get that not everyone feels the same way. And I understand that some days you just do not feel like it! Life happens and we choose other things over our workouts, which is absolutely ok! But what if you find a way to enjoy fitness, to enjoy moving? This can range from walking, to swimming, to yoga, to dance, to gardening, to playing frisbee etc. Find what you love (or can tolerate) the most and go from there.

Mix it up. I love trying new things! I attempted Zumba for a few months, I participated in a master swim program for a year, I did CrossFit for a year. I experiment with kettlebells and the TRX for a while. I have done yoga on and off for 10 years. I add Pilates weekly. I throw in boxing occasionally. I took up running for a while. Now I am lifting, walking and doing yoga once a week and loving every bit of it.

Basic Example Workout Schedule

Monday- Full body weight workout designed in a circuit fashion to get your heart rate up.



Thursday-Same as Monday


Saturday-30 minutes of cardio of your choice.

Sunday-Yoga, hiking, walking, Pilates, you choose.

Final Thoughts

Mobility, flexibility and strength will keep you active and independent longer. Movement is key. Recovery is vital. Consistency is more important than finding the perfect workout. The right fitness routine for YOU is the one that works for you and is one you will stick with.

Happy Training! I am always here to answer questions! 🙂

Have a happy and healthy day!