What I Ate Thursday

 A little late on the blog post but here are my meals for the day. I had to prepare most of it to take to work. Thursday was a long, busy day of training clients but luckily I was able able to sleep in until 7 AM. This is what my days of sleeping in have become.


Breakfast was my usual eggs and spinach, with avocado and sweet potato chunks.


I had such a busy morning I did not even have time  for my usual snack, so when lunch came around I was more than ready for my garlic  and dill salmon, rice and roasted veggies.


I knew I would have a workout late afternoon and I was still pretty hungry so I had a chocolate protein shake with a banana to keep me full and energized until workout time.


Post workout had to be a quick snack before my next client. Protein pudding, as I like to call it, consisted of greek yogurt, truvia, with PB2, cocoa powder and and an apple.


For dinner I used my fabulous salad chopper to chop up a BBQ chicken salad. This is a great way to eat tons of veggies without having to eat them in big chunks. This thing is the best and chopped salads taste so much better.

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