#16to16 Holiday Workout Challenge

A FREE ‘stick with it’ workout challenge to get 16 workouts in by the end of 2016! No need to wait, start being consistent now!

Begins 11/25!



Are you in? Click here to join!!

What is the #16to16 FitCamp?

The #16to16 FitCamp is a, just over a month long, FREE workout challenge to keep you fit, healthy, and sane throughout the holidays, challenging you to get in 16 workouts by the end of 2016.

Instead of just putting off exercise for another month I wanted to create some excitement and consistency in your training  because you know what? I need it too and I would love for you to join me! Why not start now?

The challenge workouts are created specifically to be time efficient, help manage appetite, and reduce stress. More info below. Join me and stay on track this holiday season!

What do you get for joining?

Click here to add yourself to the challenge and then you will get the following from me, completely free.

  • A workout schedule with your metabolic conditioning and rest and recovery workouts. These will be delivered throughout the challenge.
  • Cardio conditioning manual with 8 cardio like workouts to add as you need.
  • Weekly emails with  incredibly helpful food and fitness coaching tips and insight to navigate your way through the season.
  • Chance for prizes.
  • NOTE: You do not have to use my workouts in order to participate if you already have a workout routine. You can still challenge yourself and have a chance for prizes!


You will receive a welcome email so be sure to check your email (junk folder too) for all the information. If you do not get your email be sure to contact me at info@adele-jones.com. You will receive your workouts by Wednesday, November 25th. Can’t wait to get started.



How does this challenge work?

Once you have signed up for this challenge you will receive a welcome email with your cardio conditioning manual just so you have a few workouts in advance. 

In order to participate you need an email address to sign up to get all the valuable content and an Instagram account. You can still participate without an account you will just not be eligible for the prizes.

The equipment required will include dumbbells and a bench ( you can modify most without and I will provide those modifications).

How to use Instagram to win prizes:

Each week I encourage you to post on Instagram tagging me @fitwithadele, using our #16to16 hashtag, check out others who are using the hashtag for motivation and inspiration, and use the insights in the emails to make the holiday less stressful and more enjoyable! Use these workouts to gain energy and reduce stress!

The top people with the most insightful, creative posts, and consistent posts will be entered in a raffle with a chance to win a very cool prize.

Who is this challenge for?

This challenge is for anyone who is looking to get stronger, add muscles definition and get their sweat without waiting simply for the 1st day of the year to start. Step up your game with this no stress, all fun challenge and invite your friends and family members to join in too!

This challenge is FREE and runs through December 31st.

This challenge is best suited for those with some exercise experience.

Sign up here! You are one step away from your healthiest holiday season yet!!

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