MomStrongFit Jumpstart

#momstrongFIT Jumpstart

FREE 14-Day Workout Program - Begins 2/19

Oh hey you hot mama you! But I know it doesn’t always feel like this right?

It feels more like tired. Overwhelmed. Busy. Not taking care of yourself.  When did I shower last? Worked out once this month.

I get it. I feel like this too.

So what I did is I put together a FREE 14-day fitness program to jumpstart your fitness routine and challenge you to get 8 workouts in, in 2 weeks.

I want us moms to go from feeling like we are just surviving to thriving. To help have more energy, get stronger, more confident and just feel like you are doing something good for YOU!

I want to help you live your best life in your best body. I want to help you feel fit, strong, and confident as a mom, and as a woman.

Does this sound sound like something you want to do?

I thought so. 😉

The new year has come and gone and as well as the detoxes, diets, quick weight loss plans & cleanses and this emphasis to lose weight and get smaller.

Its overwhelming and frustrating and often leaves you right back where you started.

You are already exhausted and don’t have much time as it is so you don’t want to waste your time on programs that are not going to give you a good return for the work you put into it or help you lose 10 pounds only to gain it all back again.

Introducing the momStrong Fitness Jumpstart!

I want to help you get better results and be more consistent in 14 days than you have this past year. Not because this is some quick fix but because I am giving you the actual strategies and tools to get results, not just in these 2 weeks but going forward.

Included in this FREE jumpstart:

  • A closed FB group where I will be cheering you on along with other like minded moms.
  • Quick, results driven workouts that can be done at home or the gym to help you get strong and feel good.
  • Bonus workouts for the booty, core, or arms.
  • Prizes for participation and completion of the challenge.
  • And more!!

If you are a busy mom and ready to get in great shape (isn’t the summer just around the corner) this is for you!

No more I’m too tired/exhausted/don’t know what to do/have no time.

Just starting NOW!!

Let’s do this!!

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