5 Weeks to FIT Jumpstart


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by workouts, by going to the gym or just do not know what to do?

Do the rules of eating and food feel stressful and complicated and you don’t know where to start?

Do you yo-yo back and forth with diets, feel “on” or “off” plan or feel you have to be super strict but never seem to get results to stick long term?

Are a beginner to fitness or need a simple plan to jumpstart getting back into shape?

Want to feel more confident in your own skin?

You are in exactly the right place and I have all the tools to show you just how to do create a stress free way of eating and working out that will actually get you results and help you feel more comfortable in your own skin. At The Fit Life my primarily goal to help make food and fitness enhance your life, not take away from it. It can be simple and does not have to be complicated but understandably it does not feel that way for everyone.

This program was created to help implement a do-able weight training program, at home or in the gym, with minimal equipment, in minimal time, while focusing on sustainable lasting nutrition with YOUR (your, own, unique, rules) Meal Design.


YOUR MEAL Design is 30 plus pages of nutritional information, guidelines, implementation outlines, meal templets to create your own meals, and help you develop your own automatic eating strategies that you can implement every single day of the year. And I will be right by your side along the way. What if you could find the way that you will use forever? Ironically all the answers lay within you, and I will show you just how to find them.



Who this IS for:


  • Someone who wants time efficient, effective workouts that they can either do at home or at the gym.
  • Someone who is tired of yo-yo dieting or constantly being on or off plan.
  • Someone who wants to lose fat/weight and find a way of eating they can implement long term.
  • Someone who wants to stop stressing about their physique but still actively work towards their goals.
  • Someone who wants to spend less mental energy on food and fitness and put it more towards other areas of their life.
  • Someone who just wants to feel good in their own skin.
  • Someone who wants a coach along the way for support, guidance, accountability and to answer questions.

Who this is NOT for:


  • Someone who wants an advanced workout plan
  • Someone who wants to be told what to eat at every meal
  • Someone who wants to stick with their current ways, still not getting results.

What you get:


  • 5 weeks of at-home OR  gym workouts (dumbbells needed for at home) designed to progress you from the beginning stages of fitness, that will take roughly 15-30 minutes depending on the day.
  • Exercise descriptions to help ensure you are doing the exercise correctly. Video clips included for the at home version.
  • 30 plus pages of nutritional guidelines, with recipes and eating strategies to create YOUR ( your own unique rules) plan.
  • A “how to” mindset focus to help implement strategies to help you stay on track and help develop intuitive eating strategies, that do no require calorie counting or restricting.
  • Daily coaching and a supportive community. I will work with you, in a private Facebook group, to answer all your questions regarding the workouts, guide you along the way and to create your, own, unique, rules to develop a sustainable way of eating, that you maintain ongoing. We will also go into further detail on how to practice eating intuitively, strengthen willpower and enjoy food!What you can expect by the end of the program.

What you can expect by the end of this program:


This is an educational and practical program designed to not only help you implement a training program but to help cultivate a way of eating that you can maintain forever. Dropping a size isn’t all about dropping the physical weight, it is about dropping the mental weight that goes along with not being your healthiest and happiness self. Its about dropping negativity, self criticism and ridding yourself of the mental energy you spend thinking about food and fitness. It can and should be simple. My goal for you with this program is for food and fitness to enhance you life without taking away from it.

Remember you do not have to spend hours in the gym to get results and everyone needs to start somewhere. Drop A Size is where you can start to get on the right track to help you look your best, perform your best and feel your best! For less than $12 a week you will have time efficient workouts, that are easy to follow and will help you strengthen your body and and acquire muscle tone. You will develop your own eating philosophy that will give you the tools you can use forever.

This program is currently closed but be sure to enter your name and email to get more information for Drop A Size in 5 and YOUR Meal Design, when it becomes available.

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What past participants are saying:

“I have managed to feel in control again. I’m not afraid of the upcoming holiday season, after being more mindful about what i put in my body during these five weeks I can say that I am confident I will make smart choices while not depriving myself. I feel better and that is result enough for me when I know it’s the result of treating myself better.” Mayra M.

“I have learned to have discipline and that I can’t have everything I want when I want it. And my body is okay with that! I’ve just been more conscious about what I eat, in general. I also managed to fit into my wedding dress last week, where as two months ago it didn’t fit.” Kim M.

“The at home workouts were really helpful. I feel like they were more helpful than my gym workouts. And I feel like I am more mindful. My mom noticed a difference and so did other family. So now its just about staying focused .  I just feel better about myself overall!” Yessenia L.

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