16 Insights to Improve Your Relationships


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Gratitude cannot only drastically improve perspective in our everyday lives, but it is also so crucial to the relationships in our lives. Relationships can bring us so much joy, happiness, and companionship, and ironically, so much hurt, stress and loneliness at the same time.  In fact, it is safe to say every relationship you have in your life right this very moment, will go through some sort of strain, hurt or discomfort at some point, and probably have gone through this as well.

With some of those relationships we have to learn how to let go and move on from, yet many we keep moving forward despite knowing that there will be challenges and struggles to come. I love reading, discussing and learning about ways to improve relationships and here are 16 insights I have gained in the past year.

1. Surround yourself with people who bring you up, not put you down.

2. Take the higher road. Show respect and kindness to all even when people do not do so in return. “Cruelty is chicken shit.” Brene Brown

3.  Give people you don’t know a fair chance.  Be open to more learning and less judgement.

4. Practice forgiveness and let go of resentment. Resentment consumes you more than the person you are directing it at.

5. Do little things everyday to help others out. And say thank you when people help you out, especially with the smallest of things, to your spouse for doing the dishes, to your co-worker who assisted you, to the stranger who held the door open for you, etc. Those two words genuinely spoken mean so much.

6. Reach out to people close to your heart and let them know how much they mean to you. Write a note or make a phone call to someone important who you do not see often, and leave a note of appreciation for someone you live with, work with etc.

7. Do not make assumptions. Making assumptions leads to make believe stories in your own head, and create drama that does not exist.

8. Have relentless positive thinking. The alternative is drowning in a pool of negativity.

9. Do not take things personally. Remember it is not always about you.

10. Show up authentically in your relationships, imperfections and all.

11. Avoid comparison. There will always be someone out there with more or less than you in some way.

12. Take people for their word. And trust that you will know how to handle the situation if their word is not true.

13. Practice self trust. Be brave to show up in life as you are, and let people respond as they will. You are enough.

14.  Practice gratitude and joy. This is what will get us through the inevitable difficult moments in our life. To be grateful, to have hope and to find perspective, even when times are tough.

15. Communicate with an open heart.

16. Have faith that you will put everything you have into your most important relationships, even when you have no idea what the outcome will be.

I am so excited to share more detail with you in The Gratitude Guide! There are some great frameworks, based on some of these insights that will help improve your relationships so you can in turn improve your happiness and wellbeing. Here is a brief outline.

Part 1. Defining Gratitude, Awareness, Appreciation, Mindfulness. Part 2. Gratitude for Myself, Confidence, Accepting what is, Breaking Perfectionism, In Food and Fitness. 3. Relationships, Expectations and Assumption, Benefit of The Doubt, Personal Responsibility, The Flip side. Part 4. Changing Perspective, Eliminating the Victim Mindset, Taking Action, Four Steps To Make A Change.

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